Anyone that knows me knows I love to blog and journal. If you look in my night stand I have tons of journals. Writing is a way I enjoy expressing myself and it helps to get all the thoughts out of my head and on paper. I recently decided to change from a blog that is specialized in one part of my life to a blog that covers everything. Because of my OCD I have always started a blog that is just for pregnancy or just for crafts but this time I decided I’d make one for everything.
For those of you who don’t know my name is Sheena Lynn but everyone calls me Sheena. I am 20 something years old. I lost count somewhere around 25 and whenever anyone ask me how old I am (usually its one of my children) I always have to think about it and do the math to figure it out so we’ll just say I’m 20 something years old. I am one of a bunch of children, seven to be exact. But because of the age gaps everyone always thinks I’m an only child. My oldest brother Rhett died two years before I was born with cancer at the age of 17. My next two siblings Bill and Salena are 14 and 16 years older than me. I have two step brothers who have never lived with me but they are my brothers. They didn’t come into my family till I was 16 years old and they are both about 10-15 years older than me. Finally is my baby sister, Nevesha, who isn’t really a baby anymore but she is 8 years younger than me so she will always be my baby.
I am happily married to my best friend Adam. We met my 25th birthday, so maybe thats why I remember turning 25. After about 7 months of dating he proposed and a year later we got married on March 13, 2011.
We have three beautiful children and number four on the way. Ok, so I know the math doesn’t add up to have three children together but I rarely tell anyone anything different except when I have to explain the age with them. Our oldest is Alyssa Ceyenne who was born June 28, 2004. She is a girlie girl and always asking questions. She is very motherly and loving to her young sibilings. Our second child is Noah Christopher who was born August 25, 2005. He is a laid back easy going boy who loves to lay around and watch TV and play video games. Our third child is Taylor Jayde who was born December 7, 2005. She is a tomboy who loves to play and have fun. She is always climbing a tree or on top of the playhouse in the back yard. I rarely tell anyone that Taylor is my step-daughter till I have to explain how I have two of the same age that aren’t twins. We are expecting a son to be named Adam Bradley Jr. on March 18th. We plan to call him Bradley.
I am always on the go. If my life wasn’t hectic busy I don’t think it would be normal for me. I work full time as a legal assistant, both of my girls are in dance class and I am the PTO President at my children’s school on top of all my regular stuff from just housework, homework, etc. Even though I rarely find time for it these days I love to craft and I always have some type of project I want to work on at my house.

One thought on “Welcome!!

  1. Wow girl, you are busy! LOL. I never knew about your older brother. I'm so sorry. I'm glad I read this blog. I found out a few things about you that I never knew before.

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