Sunroom Project

Now that I have gotten past the first trimester of my pregnancy I have more energy and I am ready to get back to my many projects around our house. I decided the first room I’d really like to finish is the sunroom. It is the kids’ playroom and I know they would love to finally have everything done in there that we talked about in the spring.
This room is usually a complete mess. They will pick it up but that usually means just throwing everything where ever and then they can’t find anything when they are looking for it. So today we went through the room and got it all cleaned up. I have one plastic tub that I need to go through and I have decided since it is stuff they have done without for so long that it is probably not anything that is missed. I am going to go through it and probably pull out some stuff but for the most part it is all going in the trash or to be donated.
My girls have ALOT of dress up, baby doll and Barbie stuff. Today we went through the baby dolls and they both selected baby dolls that they could live without and we filled up a trash bag with baby dolls to donate and they still have tons. That doesn’t include the baby dolls and stuffed animals they have in their bedroom. I think when I get to the project of the girls’ bedroom I’d like to work towards getting the baby doll stuff out of the sunroom and in their bedroom. Alyssa keeps everything and when I say everything I mean even the trash. I am trying to teach her (and the other two) when something is broken and can’t be fixed it needs to be thrown away. I was proud of all three of them today. They all threw away stuff that was broken. Of course I did use the “if we don’t get rid of some of this stuff then you won’t have any room for anything new for Christmas”.
I have a few small things I’d like to finish like getting my husband to nail down the extension cord to the air condition, hang my colorful picture frames (my husband so kindly painted for me this spring) and hang the speakers to the radio/CD player that is in there. Hopefully I can get him to do all of those things by the end of next weekend. ***Hint Hint***
Now I just need to find a good pattern for a table cloth then I can make the table cloth and curtains and I’ll be almost done with the sunroom. Well, actually then I look around in there and end up finding something else I want to do in there but that will pretty much finish up everything I want to do in there right now.

2 thoughts on “Sunroom Project

  1. Sounds like you're keeping yourself busy. There's a lot I'd like to do in my house too, but I don't have the time or energy. Will you be posting pics of the sunroom when it's done?

  2. I will. I actually meant to post pictures before and after they cleaned it. But I told them to clean it and before I got back out there with my camera they had already gotten a lot done.

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