Doctors Appointment – Week 27

I know I am so behind on my blogging about Elfy and hopefully I’ll feel like doing it and have the time in the next day or two.

I haven’t felt very well lately. I am enjoying the holidays but I am ready for them to be over so I have more time to rest. When I don’t have a day on the weekend to rest it is really hard on me. Over the next few months if you ask me to do something and I say I can’t please don’t get mad. I have got to start resting more. Last week I was in lot of pain after not getting any down time the weekend before then this weekend I didn’t get any down time and this week it has just killed me. This week and last one Tuesday I felt like the next day should be Friday because I have been so tired. I finally broke down and called my doctor yesterday. When I told them about all the pain and pressure she said I needed to come in for an evaluation. I have been pregnant twice before and I did go through pre-term labor with Noah so I know what that is like but they wanted to check and make sure I wasn’t in pre-term labor. I guess since I did have problems with it last time they are extra careful this time.

I found out today my placenta has corrected itself so I will not have to plan for a c-section!!! Yay!!! I have three kids at home, I don’t want to stay in the hospital an extra day. I have already told her, I need to have him on a Thursday so I can be back at dance class on Monday. Also my cervix are closed, thick and high. Yay!!! So for the first time I actually feel like I’ll carry him closer to March 18th than I had been thinking. Although I am measuring ahead so maybe not. But we need the extra time to prepare.

They did an ultrasound today and I so enjoyed getting to see him but I’m kinda sad because now they won’t do one at my appointment next week and I was really looking forward to the kids getting to see him. But they will get to hear his heartbeat.

The doctor told me my pain is because this is my third pregnancy and its hard on my body which I already knew that. Also because of my build. I am not use to having the extra weight so my body naturally arches my back poking my tummy out to support the weight. He recommended I get a maternity belt, use a heating pad, take Tylenol, stay off my feet & rest as much as possible. My sweet husband went my Buy Buy Baby and got me a maternity belt on his way home and I picked up a heating pad during lunch so hopefully tomorrow will be an easier day for me. I sit upstairs at work and when I climb the steps it is so hard to climb the last few steps. I am trying to go up and down them as little as possible. My boss as told me he will bring stuff up to me, just to let him know. I’ve got to get better about asking him instead of just doing it myself. But that is something I have a hard time doing anyway. I have gotten better about letting Adam do stuff and trying to not worry about it if it doesn’t get done.


Let me know what you think!!

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