I am sooooo ready to get Bradley’s nursery ready and now that my black car is sold I am going to be at Adam about construction on the garage. Who wants to help him??? 🙂

A while back I started my registery at Target online. I need to go in the store to add some more stuff but I did add a good bit online. Only bad thing is some things I want are online only. Tonight I went back to look at the bedding to see it is out of stock online and it’s online only. I so did not want to have to start over looking for bedding. I had such a hard time the first time finding something I liked. Thank goodness for Amazon! I found it on there. Cheaper and a much better picture. So tell me what you think??? I want something that is baby looking. I have plenty of time to decorate for a big boy but only a short time for a baby. I get to decorate for big kids now too.

Lambs & Ivy Jake Bedding Set


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