Christmas Celebrating

Our family defiantly had a great Christmas time with all our celebrating.
We started on the 11st with Adam’s Mom, grandfather, brother, sister-in-law and three nieces. The kids always have a great time getting together with their cousins and playing. Everyone came over to our house, we ate, opened presents and just spent time together.
On Thursday the 22nd we went to Adam’s Dad’s house with his Dad, Melanie, brother, sister-in-law, three nieces, aunt, uncle and other siblings. We ate, opened presents and hung out. I was really impressed by our children. They were three hours late getting in the bed and all three did really good.
On Friday the 23rd we went to my Granny’s house with my grandparents, aunt & uncle from Texas, cousin from Texas, aunt & uncle from here, sister and her boyfriend. We ate, opened presents and had a good time. It was nice to see my aunt and uncle I haven’t seen since I was pregnant with Noah.
On Saturday the 24th we went to my parent’s house. When I asked my Mom who all was going to be there she said “just us”. My parents have five kids so “just us” is 21 people. But I know they enjoyed having all five of us their with our families. We ate, opened presents and hung out. On our way home we went by Palisades Park but they are closed on Christmas Eve so we didn’t get to see any Christmas lights. I didn’t think about it till last night but as warm as it has been this year Zoo Light Safari wouldn’t have been that cold, but with me not being able to walk a lot like that it really wouldn’t have been possible.
After four family parties, I thought our three had made out with plenty for Christmas, but I guess Santa thought they still deserved more. I know they still have tons of stuff to play with that hasn’t been opened, put together, etc. I guess it must have been those cookies they left him with soooooo much icing!! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!! I know I did but I am ready to slow down a little bit.

Let me know what you think!!

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