Doctors Appointments – Week 28 & Taylor’s Check-Up

Today was the day for doctor appointments. I had my week 28 appointment this morning. It was a simple appointment without an ultrasound or anything like that. Bradley’s heat rate was 156. It was much higher than last time so I mentioned it to the doctor & she said he is probably just more active this morning. I told her I had Coke with my breakfast in case they did an ultrasound he would be awake. So that was it. The kids were excited to hear his heartbeat. It was funny to hear what they said it sounds like. I am measuring 30 weeks which I will be 29 weeks on Sunday so pretty much right on. She told me it sounds like I am doing everything I should to help with the pain. Taking it easy & not over doing it is the main thing.

Then we had Taylor’s 6 year old check up. She has lost about 4 lbs since November. She is in the 25% on height & weight. Since Christmas she has been complaining she doesn’t feel good & she hasn’t been eating well, but she didn’t have any symptoms to make us think she was sick. We just thought she was exhausted from all the running around. Come to find out she has strep. I was glad we found out during Christmas break instead of next week when she goes back to school. Other than strep she is good to go & everything looked good.


Let me know what you think!!

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