For those of you who don’t know, I love to journal. I have a private journal that I write in from time to time. Not as often as I use to but if I have something on my mind, if something is bothering me, if I want to remember something then I write it in my journal. Luckily I married someone who respects me enough that I can still keep my journal on my headboard & he will not snoop in it.

My love for journaling was passed down to Alyssa. She loves a notepad & is always asking for more of them.

Recently her & I discussed starting a journal to talk to each other about things. Sometimes it takes a little prying to get her to open up but she doesn’t have the issue when it comes to her journal. For Christmas she got this really neat journal that is made for a Mom & Daughter to write back & forth. It has pages with different questions for you to learn about each other and it has some free pages to write things that you need to talk about but don’t know how to say.

When Alyssa got the journal she decided we need a special pen to write in it. Her request was a pink glitter pen. Today when I was in Hobby Lobby I looked for a pen and ended up buying a pack of glitter pens so now we have 6 different colors. I also knew we needed a cute way to keep the pens with the journal so after looking around, I found this super cute bag. I decided some iron on letters would make it perfect.

Now we have a cute bag, cute pens & a really cute journal to share stuff with each other. I can’t wait to start this experience with Alyssa. We still have to decide the “rules” for our journal & she wants me to put them on a sheet to keep with the journal so it will be few days before we get started. I do know one rule is we don’t share what is in the journal with anyone else. It’s just between us!

I look forward to hearing how things change over the years, see how her handwriting changes & learn things about her she doesn’t normally tell me. The other two have also showed an interest in the journal so hopefully it will also be something I can one day do with each of them.


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