Week 30 Appointment

Today was my 30 week check up. It was also the follow up to labor & delivery last week.

I am not going to say what my weight is but so far I have gained 18 lbs. My blood pressure was right where it needs to be today so we agree the blood pressure issue last week was stress & I don’t have anything to be worried about as far as that goes.

They decided to check the fluid around Bradley today to make sure he still has enough fluids. Also they wanted to check his size. He does have plenty of fluids around him which resulted in some really good ultrasound pictures including a few 4D ones. As of today I am 30 weeks & 3 days. According to the measurements I am 36 weeks & 6 days with him weigh 5 lbs & 9 oz. Of course that is just an estimate & it could be less & smaller but it does help explain why I am hurting so bad. The doctor would like me to try to go 6 more weeks. Even though he is measuring big his lungs still need more time to develop. If he continues to grow like he is then I may end up having a c-section because of his size.

I am still having contractions but they are irregular. I’ll have them 20 minutes apart for an hour or so then they will be 10 minutes apart then I’ll go 40 minutes and not have one. She checked my cervix and I am still 1 cm dilated. I go back January 30th unless something happens before then & I have to call them but hopefully it won’t.


Let me know what you think!!

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