Valentines Countdown

A few weeks ago I found a Valentine’s countdown on Pinterest and decided I wanted to make one for my kids since I didn’t make the Advent calendar like I had wanted to for Christmas.

Adam brought home a piece of wood for me. I found some cute plastic heats at Dollar Tree and decided they would be perfect to put candy or a small note in. I laid out the hearts on the wood to figure out how big I wanted him to cut the piece of wood. I used my Cricut to cut the stencil for the words. I did copy the same phrase from what I found on Pinterest. “Happy Valentine’s Day! Countdown to Kisses!” After I painted the wood black, painted the phrase on in red and hot glued my hearts on I used stickers for the numbers.

Now I just have to decided what I’m going to put in them. I have been thinking about a piece of candy for each kid or a note saying a reason I love them each day. I may change it up some and put a note in some of them and candy in some of them.


Let me know what you think!!

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