Another Goose Egg

About 1:30 today I got a phone call from Nurse Jodi. Noah was in her office. I just knew it was because of how he felt this morning, because when he got up this hurt and that hurt and this hurt and that hurt. But he didn’t have a fever so I gave him some medicine and sent him on to school. I told him if he got to feeling really bad to call me. But that was not the case. He had fallen again and had another goose egg. This time it was on his chin. He was walking to line up for a fire drill and he fell. This time wasn’t as bad as last time. I guess the chin doesn’t do as much damage as the forehead. She gave him some ice and he went back to class but was told to come back at 2:15. So I asked her to call me back at 2:15 with an update. When she called me back she said the knot was going down but it was already bruising up and it would probably be sore tomorrow. Of course this does happen the week before pictures. Last time I had a picture appointment scheduled Noah fell and had a big goose egg and Alyssa looked like she had two black eyes.


2 thoughts on “Another Goose Egg

  1. It's my maternity shot and if we reschedule it again I'll end up having Bradley before we could have it. He usually doesn't fall so often. I am wondering if it's his eyes. His next eye appointment is Feb 14th.

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