Week 33 Doctor Appointment

Today was my 33 week doctor appointment. They did not check his measurement on the ultrasound like last time. The tape showed I am measuring 3 weeks ahead. Last time the tape showed 4 weeks ahead and the ultrasound showed 6. They did a non-stress test to check his heart rate and everything looked good. During the 20 minutes I was hooked up to the machine I had several contractions but she didn’t say anything about them. The nurse just told me she saw them on the tape. They also did an ultrasound to check his fluid and he has plenty of fluids. I go back in two weeks then I’ll start going every week.

We talked about if I’ll need a c-section or not and she said if I deliver at 35-36 weeks then I won’t but if I go to 38 weeks then it will be a concern so we’d have to do more measurements the farther along I get. I asked about his lungs if I deliver at 35-36 weeks and she said it is possible he would not go home when I do. So now I’m hoping for around 37 weeks. I think with the way my contractions are that if I rest when they pick up hopefully they won’t send me into labor and then when I am 37 weeks do lots of walking and complain to the doctor about them because she’d keep me. That my plan anyway. The way they have been today I should call but I don’t want to spend half the night or all night in labor and delivery so I’m going to rest and drink water.

He was not exactly interested in the camera today so we didn’t get the best ultrasound pictures but she did give me a few.


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