Bradley's Arrival

I don’t think I blogged about it but the week before Bradley’s arrival was difficult. I was back and forth from the doctor or labor & delivery pretty much everyday. I swelled, my blood pressure went up, I didn’t feel like myself and I gained 16 lbs in the last 11 days which was fluid. Monday I was told she didn’t want me to work but she wouldn’t put me on bedrest yet but I had to cut back more than I already had. Tuesday I was put on bedrest. Wednesday I spent 6 hours in labor and delivery for a full blood work and monitoring due to swelling. Thursday I spent 6 hours in labor and delivery due to contractions.

Monday before Bradley was born I had an ultrasound done and the tech sad he was 9 lbs 6 oz, but my doctor said he had a lot of fluid around him and she felt like the size was off and I should still be able to have a vaginal delivery. She told me pretty much we were just waiting on me to go into labor. I had a good many contractions that evening and through the night. When I woke up Tuesday morning they were continuing so I hydrated, ate, took a warm shower and rested. Then they all stopped. But that wasn’t the only thing that stopped. I had not felt Bradley since around midnight when he had hiccups. I kept telling myself he was just in position and babies always slow down before delivery so I’d just wait on my contractions to pick up. Just before lunch they had not picked up and he still had not moved even after drinking caffeine so I decided to call my doctor. They told me to be in the office at 1 pm.

When I arrived at the doctor’s office I did my normal routine and waited on the nurse. The doctor passed me when I was waiting and she told me we were going to do an ultrasound and a NST. The nurse weighed me and in 11 days I had gained 16 lbs that was all fluids. I went for the ultrasound and I heard a good strong heartbeat which made me feel so much better. The ultrasound tech didn’t say much and we were done quickly. She told me to sit in the waiting area and the nurse would get me in a few minutes for my NST. When the nurse came and got me she took me to a room and when I asked about the NST she told me the doctor was going to talk to me. When the doctor came in she explained the ultrasound tech did not like the way Bradley wasn’t moving on the ultrasound and the doctor wanted to do a CST instead of an NST and see how he responded to contractions and if he didn’t respond the way he should then I would have to deliver by c-section that day. I left the doctor’s office and walked down to labor and delivery in tears. Once I got to labor and delivery they took me to a room to start the test. The nurse explained I had to have three contractions in 10 minutes and this test could send me into labor. I thought that’s ok, I’m ready to deliver.

Once the test was done the nurse told me she thought I was going home, that was at 4:15 pm. At 4:30 pm the nurse came back and said the doctor did not like how the test looked and we were having a c-section. At 4:45 the doctor came in and explained to me and Adam that the baby had a position CST meaning he failed the test. His heart did not respond the way it should and if I went into labor he wouldn’t make it and I’d have to have an emergency c-section so she felt it was best to go ahead and deliver immediately. At 5:10 I was wheeled into the OR. I was a nervous wreck, my mind was going a million different directions and I had a ton of questions. There was 3 nurses, 2 doctors, the person to give me the spinal block and his tech; they were all running around me like crazy and they wouldn’t let Adam in there so I was a nervous wreck. Once I had the spinal block, they laid me down and it kicked in; they brought Adam in. At 5:35 pm Adam Bradley Anderson Jr was born. He weighed 9 lbs 7 oz and 20 3/4 in.

Before I delivered I knew there was a big chance he’d go to the NICU. When he was born they leaned over the drape so I could see him and then took him to be cleaned up. A few minutes later the NICU nurse came over and told us he needed to go with her to have his breathing checked out. After Bradley got to the NICU we also learned his blood sugar had dropped way below where it should be.

Through the next week he has made great improvements and everyday he continues to improve. His blood sugar has stabilized, his breathing has slowed down and he is now eating from a bottle at every feeding. His white count wasn’t where it should be at birth so he also has been on antibiotics and he is taking them for a full 10 days. He is almost done with them. Hopefully in the next few days I will be able to nurse him and we will be on our way to bringing him home. We just continue to pray for him each day.

35 Week Doctor Appointment

Today was my 35 week doctor appointment. Since my last regular appointment I have been to the doctor 3 or 4 times (I’ve lost count) because of contractions or follow up from contractions. I so badly want the doctor to tell me at _____ weeks he would be ok and wouldn’t have to stay in the hospital longer than me, but she won’t say it. I completely understand why but it would give me some mental relief and it would keep me from googling and reading other people’s stories about delivering early, how the steroids helped, etc.

I found out today I am 2 – 2 1/2 cm dilated and about the same on thinned so about 25%. They have me taking medicine 3 times a day to stop the contractions and unless I am resting all day she wants me to increase it to 4 times a day. I asked when I could stop taking the medicine and she said take it for another week, but also to rest, rest, rest.

I asked about if I went into labor and she said at this point he is past all the major concerns so they wouldn’t stop my labor but he may have to stay in NICU for a few days. I feel like from talking to her and her telling me I can quit taking the medicine in a week that after 36 weeks he probably would not have to stay in NICU.

I am worried about the big kids when I am in the hospital. They can’t miss school for several days so if I have him during the week they will have to stay at home to go to school and try to make life as normal as possible for them. So I really want to have him on a Friday. They would miss one day of school and then I’d be back home before they went back to school on Monday. I expressed this to the doctor today and she told me the hospital has a new policy and will not let them schedule to induce unless I have a medical reason before 39 weeks which would be the soonest they’d induce me is March 12th, and I don’t see me holding out that long. She did say if I come in and I’m 4 cm they will keep me or if I am 3 cm & the monitor shows mountains they’d keep me. I have contractions pretty regular most days, but they aren’t painful so I don’t say a lot about them. However, the nurse says they may not be painful but they are progressing me so if I have them 5-10 minutes apart for an hour to call. Basically every night at bedtime I should call but my solution has been go to sleep and if they wake me up, call or call the next morning if they keep up. Who wants to spend the night in the hospital, get no sleep and just get sent home the next morning?? Not me!! Besides I have 3 kids in the bed and I don’t want their lives being shook up when it’s not “time”.

Tonight my feet are swollen and very uncomfortable. Hopefully in the morning they will have gone down some and not bother me.

I go back to the doctor next Monday unless something happens before then and we will see how things look then. I am so over the uncertainty of how much longer.

Kids' Valentine's Cards for School

About two months ago I started looking for Valentine’s ideas for the kids to take to school. I wanted something different for each class, not candy and something creative. The hardest part was making sure Noah’s wasn’t too girlie.

I finally decided the cute heart shaped crayons that are all over Pinterest would be good for Taylor’s class since she is in kindergarten. Noah’s teacher told me earlier in the year pencils are always needed in their class, making something with pencils a good idea. Alyssa’s class is reading chapter books this year and she always needs a bookmark.

I can not remember where I found each of these ideas. If you look on my Valentine’s board on Pinterest they are all pinned on there with tons of other cute ideas. All three kids are really excited about taking them tomorrow and I am happy because they aren’t packed with sugar.

Wipe Case

Before I ever got pregnant I saw this really cute tutorial on covering a wipe case so when I found out I was pregnant I knew I had to make me one. If you’d like to check out the tutorial it is at Check out the rest of her blog too. She has some really cute stuff.

I covered Bradley’s wipe case using some of the fabric I used to make his wreath, some chocolate and white ribbon I already had and a “B” from the pack of letters I got for his wreath. I didn’t have enough of the chocolate ribbon to go around the top and bottom of the case so I use the white on the bottom. I think it turned out really cute.

Bradley’s Wreath

I always get asked why didn’t you give us instructions with how you did that so I decided with this project I’d do a tutorial. I am not so good about taking pictures along the way though. Maybe I’ll do better about that next time.

I knew I wanted something baby blue and chocolate and I wanted something that will match his room so I can use it on the door at the hospital and for his room after he gets here. I actually meant to make this like a month ago so I could use it as a baby shower decoration since the theme in his room and for the baby shower match but I didn’t get it done in time.

The only craft store in North Jefferson County is Hobby Lobby and its rare I go across town so I got all my supplies there. Also I’m really big about buying things on sale. It’s rare that I pay full price for something at Hobby Lobby unless it’s a dollar or two. I always check their clearance and the blue fabric was some I found recently on clearance, I got the letters for his name on clearance, I may have paid full price for the animals but they are like a $1 a piece and I used a 40% off coupon for the styrofoam wreath.

The best tool ever for cutting fabric is a rotary cutter. It make things so much easier and you can cut your fabric so much faster. Normally I always wash and dry all my fabric but for whatever reason I didn’t wash and dry this fabric. I may have to think about that decision before I decided what I’m going to do with my remaining fabric. I cut 3″ strips of the fabric and wrapped them around the wreath to make sure I had enough cut before I started gluing the fabric on. Once I knew I had enough I unwrapped the fabric and started gluing it on. I probably used a lot more glue than I needed but I want it to last. I used my hot glue gun and as I wrapped the fabric I glued it to the wreath. Luckily all my ends started and ended on the back. Once I got done I let it dry and I had to go to the store cause I used a whole pack of glue sticks..oops, but I know it’s going to stay on there good.

After going to the store and eating lunch I laid out my letters and animals on the wreath to see where I wanted everything. Then I glued on the letters and animals leaving the unglued ones on the wreath. It also helps to know what parts won’t be actually on the wreath so I wouldn’t put glue there. After that dried I got some chocolate ribbon that I already had and measured out a piece for how long I wanted the ribbon to hang. Then I flipped the wreath over, got the ribbon straightened out for how I want it to look when it’s attached then I glued it on.

Now I have a really cute wreath that’s not girlie looking and will match Bradley’s room.

Bradley's Wreath photo IMG_0068_zps6553c804.jpg

Noah & His Bug

We have a rule that if you make a 100 on a test then you get a reward. Alyssa kinda set it last year since she was the first kid to take test that the reward is going somewhere with Mommy with the other kids. In the last two weeks Noah has made a 100 on his spelling test both weeks. He chose Mexican dinner one night which we are going next weekend. But since things are getting difficult for me to go places I decided for the next two months the reward will be I’ll buy them something. Noah had recently asked for a hexbug. He got a small one for Christmas but he wanted a bigger so for his two 100 I bought him a new bug. I know it’s not quiet the alone time but they seem to be happy and they understand I have to rest.

Contractions = Doctor Visit

I have been trying really hard to not complain about my contractions but this week they have been too regular for comfort even though they haven’t been painful. So I finally broke down and call the doctor today. I debated on not calling because after resting they got better but I just felt like I needed to call. I am glad I did call.

By the time I got there the contractions had stopped. But they told me I am 1 1/2 cm and 25% thinned. She gave me some medicine to stop the contractions and told me it isn’t like the medicine they gave me when I was pregnant with Noah that I refused to take. She said this doesn’t have the side effects the other has. They will have to watch my blood pressure because they use this to lower your blood pressure but basically it’s a muscle relaxer. They gave me a steroid shot and I have to go back tomorrow for another one. She said if we waited a week it would be too late for the steroid shot to help develop his lungs any. I go back in a week and if my cervix have progressed more then it’s bedrest.

I explained to the kids tonight that they are going to have to be on their best behavior and really help me because the doctor said I may have to stay in the bed but if they will help me maybe I won’t have to. I feel bad for Adam because he has been doing more and more around the house over the last few months so I don’t have to but it takes both of us just to completely everything we have to do every evening. Dinner, cleaning up from dinner, homework, bathes and I know I am going to have to do even less of it than I have been. Just bending over to pick something up is hard on me. But if I can go 3-4 more weeks he should be developed enough to come home when I leave the hospital so at least it won’t be too much longer.