Contractions = Doctor Visit

I have been trying really hard to not complain about my contractions but this week they have been too regular for comfort even though they haven’t been painful. So I finally broke down and call the doctor today. I debated on not calling because after resting they got better but I just felt like I needed to call. I am glad I did call.

By the time I got there the contractions had stopped. But they told me I am 1 1/2 cm and 25% thinned. She gave me some medicine to stop the contractions and told me it isn’t like the medicine they gave me when I was pregnant with Noah that I refused to take. She said this doesn’t have the side effects the other has. They will have to watch my blood pressure because they use this to lower your blood pressure but basically it’s a muscle relaxer. They gave me a steroid shot and I have to go back tomorrow for another one. She said if we waited a week it would be too late for the steroid shot to help develop his lungs any. I go back in a week and if my cervix have progressed more then it’s bedrest.

I explained to the kids tonight that they are going to have to be on their best behavior and really help me because the doctor said I may have to stay in the bed but if they will help me maybe I won’t have to. I feel bad for Adam because he has been doing more and more around the house over the last few months so I don’t have to but it takes both of us just to completely everything we have to do every evening. Dinner, cleaning up from dinner, homework, bathes and I know I am going to have to do even less of it than I have been. Just bending over to pick something up is hard on me. But if I can go 3-4 more weeks he should be developed enough to come home when I leave the hospital so at least it won’t be too much longer.


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