Bradley’s Wreath

I always get asked why didn’t you give us instructions with how you did that so I decided with this project I’d do a tutorial. I am not so good about taking pictures along the way though. Maybe I’ll do better about that next time.

I knew I wanted something baby blue and chocolate and I wanted something that will match his room so I can use it on the door at the hospital and for his room after he gets here. I actually meant to make this like a month ago so I could use it as a baby shower decoration since the theme in his room and for the baby shower match but I didn’t get it done in time.

The only craft store in North Jefferson County is Hobby Lobby and its rare I go across town so I got all my supplies there. Also I’m really big about buying things on sale. It’s rare that I pay full price for something at Hobby Lobby unless it’s a dollar or two. I always check their clearance and the blue fabric was some I found recently on clearance, I got the letters for his name on clearance, I may have paid full price for the animals but they are like a $1 a piece and I used a 40% off coupon for the styrofoam wreath.

The best tool ever for cutting fabric is a rotary cutter. It make things so much easier and you can cut your fabric so much faster. Normally I always wash and dry all my fabric but for whatever reason I didn’t wash and dry this fabric. I may have to think about that decision before I decided what I’m going to do with my remaining fabric. I cut 3″ strips of the fabric and wrapped them around the wreath to make sure I had enough cut before I started gluing the fabric on. Once I knew I had enough I unwrapped the fabric and started gluing it on. I probably used a lot more glue than I needed but I want it to last. I used my hot glue gun and as I wrapped the fabric I glued it to the wreath. Luckily all my ends started and ended on the back. Once I got done I let it dry and I had to go to the store cause I used a whole pack of glue sticks..oops, but I know it’s going to stay on there good.

After going to the store and eating lunch I laid out my letters and animals on the wreath to see where I wanted everything. Then I glued on the letters and animals leaving the unglued ones on the wreath. It also helps to know what parts won’t be actually on the wreath so I wouldn’t put glue there. After that dried I got some chocolate ribbon that I already had and measured out a piece for how long I wanted the ribbon to hang. Then I flipped the wreath over, got the ribbon straightened out for how I want it to look when it’s attached then I glued it on.

Now I have a really cute wreath that’s not girlie looking and will match Bradley’s room.

Bradley's Wreath photo IMG_0068_zps6553c804.jpg

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