St Patrick Day Hair Style

I finally got to do it. 🙂 For Valentine’s I really wanted to fix the girls’ hair with the heart that I kept seeing on pinterest but my pregnancy issues just didn’t allow me. I have seen a similar hair style for St. Patrick’s Day so I decided I’d give it a try. Taylor is happy with it so I’d say it was a success. If you are interested in trying it yourself I found a YouTube video showing how to do it that you can watch here:


Happy 1st Anniversary!

Yesterday was mine and Adam’s one year wedding anniversary. I can not believe its already been a year. Shopping for each other has been hard for both of us in the last few holidays. So much so that we haven’t gotten each other much of anything. The night before Adam was still trying to figure out what to get me. I think he did a great job with this bracelet. I told him he won’t have a hard time shopping for me for a while now. The harder part will be picking a charm to add to it.

Bradley is 2 Weeks Old

Today Bradley is two weeks old. He came home from the NICU yesterday. The kids were all excited to see him. Rhino isn’t sure about him. He slept pretty good through the night. He woke up twice to eat then went right back to sleep. Today we had to go see Dr. Cordell for his two week check up. He weighs 8 lbs 13 oz and measures 21 1/2 in. We have to go back Friday for a recheck on his weight. Surprisingly he can wear his newborn clothes. He has already figured out Mommy will hold him all the time.

Bradley's Hat to Wear Home

Anyone who knows me knows resting is not something I do well. I am always doing something. After my c-section when I was told I had to rest and couldn’t do all of these things I knew I had to find something I could do while sitting on the couch. I decided I’d make Bradley a hat to wear home. Adam took me by Walmart the night I came home from the hospital so I could get a few things I needed including yard. I used Alyssa’s kifty knitting loom (since mine is storaged away) to make the hat. I did add a brim to it and I just used the example that comes in the instruction booklet to make it. With Alabama weather being so back and forth this winter I wasn’t sure till about two days ago if it would be cold enough for him to wear it coming home but it is.