Two Rough Days

The GI doctor’s office was suppose to call me Tuesday or Wednesday to let me know about the sweat test and ultrasound. When they didn’t call me I called them at 8:00 am Thursday. The receptionist told me they were waiting till next week to schedule the test and then they’d be a few weeks out. I was not happy. I told the lady he is a newborn, a preemie and losing weight. I asked to speak with the nurse and she told me the nurse wasn’t there yet but she could have her call me. I asked when that would be and she said probably that afternoon. We hung up and I immediately called my pediatrician who asked how soon we could be there and told me to bring him straight in.

We got to Dr. Mays office about 9 am. They weighted him and he had lost more weight. He was down to 10 lbs 9 oz making 5.5 oz he lost in 6 days. She was examined, his formula changed and sent to lab. They checked his white count, his blood sugar and iron. Everything was normal. They scheduled the ultrasound and sweat test. We have to wait till April 30th for the sweat test but the ultrasound was done immediately. The test I was told by one office it would be a few weeks had it scheduled and completely the same day.

Bradley was very fussy during his ultrasound. That evening when the doctor called me she said it was a limited ultrasound but they did not find anything abnormal. Depending on how everything goes we may have to go back for another ultrasound with the radiologist there instead of just the tech.

Friday morning we went back to the doctor and he had gained 1/2 oz. The doctor changed his medicine, sent us to Children’s for blood work to check the function of his organs and gave me some more formula in case I felt like the other formula wasn’t making a difference. That afternoon the results of his blood work came back normal.

At 4 pm someone from the GI doctor’s office finally called me. She said she had a message that I wanted to know about the test being scheduled. I quickly informed her when they refused to help the day before I called the pediatrician who had the test scheduled and the ultrasound had already been done. After about 20 minutes of telling her how they messed up and that I didn’t need anything from them, she apologized and asked if there was anything they could do and i said at this point the only thing you can do is have Dr. King call Dr. Mays. Why call at 4 pm on a Friday when you know the doctor will be gone the entire following week???

Later Friday afternoon Dr. Mays called me to say Dr. King called her and they have come up with a game plan. We go back to the doctor on Monday and if he has not improved we are going to do some more blood work. I didn’t ask what this blood work checks but I’ll worry about that if he has to have it done. She had checked with her med group about what it may be and one doctor recommended having his heart looked at again. We have a follow up appointment with the heart doctor on May 7th but we may have to see him sooner. Another thing was to do a feeding study.

Dr. Mays has only not seen the results of one test done when he was in the NICU and it was the test the genetics doctor did. I called them Friday to see if there was anything they could tell me that may be helpful but the doctor wasn’t in. I explained my situation to the receptionist who said she will have him look at the chart Monday when he gets back in and call Dr. Mays.

A Room Divided

Does anyone else have this issue? My girls fight all the time and want to be separated. Alyssa wanted to go back to sharing a room with Noah but due to the girl/boy can’t dress in front of each other I decided that wouldn’t work. Alyssa says she needs her own room but that just isn’t possible right now. Bradley still doesn’t even have a room. So in an attempt to solve the issue the girls’ room is now “divided” and they each have their own space. Hopefully it will help them. I got the “But will I be able to not hear her” and I said no you just won’t be able to see each other if you need to “not hear her” you can listen to your iPod.

Tummy Trouble

The things that we don’t think twice about saying after having a child…

As most of you know Bradley has been very fussy for several weeks without much relief. It first started about three weeks ago. He seemed really gassy and I kind of felt like he needed to potty more.

I called the doctor, described his symptoms & was told to bring him in that it could be an ear infection. His ears looked good but he was diagnosed with reflux and treated with Zantac. Also the doctor was concerned about his weight because he had only gained 10 oz in 15 days and he should gain about an oz a day. So I started pumping and supplementing with formula.

A few days later he still wasn’t happy so I called the doctor again. I was told to increase his gas drops to 0.6 and give him biogaia drops again. I did this and after several days he still didn’t seem to have much relief.

I called the doctor again and the nurse wanted him to be seen. I was advised to not let him have anything to eat for 3-4 hours before his appointment in case the doctor wanted to do an upper GI. Of course the doctor did want to do an upper GI. We found out he has reflux and his stomach is slow to empty so they referred us to a GI doctor.

Today we went to the GI doctor. After a night of very little sleep and a fussy baby my brain just wasn’t working to ask some of the questions I should have. The doctor wants to do several test. One is they will put this little device on his arm or leg that will collect sweat. The other is an ultrasound of his stomach. The doctor thinks the muscle that empties his tummy his too tight and that is why it is not emptying the way it should, causing him to not eat the way he should, causing him to lose weight. Today he had lost 3.5 oz since Friday. The doctor gave him Miralax so hopefully that will help some. Over the weekend I gave him karo and when he went to the bathroom he was much happier, ate better and slept better.

Now we are waiting on them to schedule the test. We’ll have to go to Children’s Hospital for the test.

A Sunday Afternoon Crafting

If there one thing my kids love to do that is to make stuff. In the last four months we haven’t got to do much crafting between the issues I had at the end of my pregnancies then delivery then having a newborn at home. This afternoon we had a few hours while Bradley was resting to make some stuff.

We started out by planting some strawberries. The Easter bunny brought them each a cute little kit that had everything needed to plant them.

Next we planted some flower seeds. After the last two summers with my hanging baskets dying so fast because of the roots not having enough I decided this year I’d let the kids plant flower seeds and maybe we’d have something pretty all summer.

Then we made these stepping stones they got for Christmas. They have to dry over night before they can paint them but they were able to put the gems on them today. They were a little harder than I thought they would be, all the kids wanted to do their hand print in the cement and it didn’t work quiet as well as the box showed.

Finally we painted sun-catchers. Noah painted a car. Poor kid is color blind so half the paint colors look the same to him. Taylor painted a butterfly & Alyssa painted a cat.

Giraffe Paci

Bradley loves his paci. He will be asleep and lose it and when he does he wakes up. I have seen the stuffed animals with the paci attached to them but I had two issues. One they are $30 and that is a lot for something that I don’t even know if he will like. Two he won’t take the soothie paci. I have looked and looked online but never found one that took the gumdrop paci. Also I saw a lot of complaints about the stuffed animal being too soft and wouldn’t help hold the paci in place so I decided I’d just make one myself. When going through Wal-Mart I saw this cute giraffe and it’s a beanie and heavier than the other stuffed animals I have seen so I decided it was time to make Bradley a stuffed animal with a paci. I really wanted it to be a monkey because monkeys have kinda become his stuffed animal after the monkey that we bought him while he was in the NICU that recorded my voice, but if he likes it I’ll keep an eye out for a monkey that is heavier and make him another one.