Giraffe Paci

Bradley loves his paci. He will be asleep and lose it and when he does he wakes up. I have seen the stuffed animals with the paci attached to them but I had two issues. One they are $30 and that is a lot for something that I don’t even know if he will like. Two he won’t take the soothie paci. I have looked and looked online but never found one that took the gumdrop paci. Also I saw a lot of complaints about the stuffed animal being too soft and wouldn’t help hold the paci in place so I decided I’d just make one myself. When going through Wal-Mart I saw this cute giraffe and it’s a beanie and heavier than the other stuffed animals I have seen so I decided it was time to make Bradley a stuffed animal with a paci. I really wanted it to be a monkey because monkeys have kinda become his stuffed animal after the monkey that we bought him while he was in the NICU that recorded my voice, but if he likes it I’ll keep an eye out for a monkey that is heavier and make him another one.

3 thoughts on “Giraffe Paci

  1. Nancy, it was really very easy. I found a stuffed animal that I felt like was a little heavier than the other stuffed animals. I have read that the beanies work the best. I also got a paci of his favorite brand. I lined up the paci with the giraffe's mouth to see how I wanted it to look then I just hand sewed the paci on the giraffe's mouth. I wish you couldn't see the thread but I couldn't figure out any way to do it other than loop it around the paci. Hope that explains it.

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