A Sunday Afternoon Crafting

If there one thing my kids love to do that is to make stuff. In the last four months we haven’t got to do much crafting between the issues I had at the end of my pregnancies then delivery then having a newborn at home. This afternoon we had a few hours while Bradley was resting to make some stuff.

We started out by planting some strawberries. The Easter bunny brought them each a cute little kit that had everything needed to plant them.

Next we planted some flower seeds. After the last two summers with my hanging baskets dying so fast because of the roots not having enough I decided this year I’d let the kids plant flower seeds and maybe we’d have something pretty all summer.

Then we made these stepping stones they got for Christmas. They have to dry over night before they can paint them but they were able to put the gems on them today. They were a little harder than I thought they would be, all the kids wanted to do their hand print in the cement and it didn’t work quiet as well as the box showed.

Finally we painted sun-catchers. Noah painted a car. Poor kid is color blind so half the paint colors look the same to him. Taylor painted a butterfly & Alyssa painted a cat.

Let me know what you think!!

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