Tummy Trouble

The things that we don’t think twice about saying after having a child…

As most of you know Bradley has been very fussy for several weeks without much relief. It first started about three weeks ago. He seemed really gassy and I kind of felt like he needed to potty more.

I called the doctor, described his symptoms & was told to bring him in that it could be an ear infection. His ears looked good but he was diagnosed with reflux and treated with Zantac. Also the doctor was concerned about his weight because he had only gained 10 oz in 15 days and he should gain about an oz a day. So I started pumping and supplementing with formula.

A few days later he still wasn’t happy so I called the doctor again. I was told to increase his gas drops to 0.6 and give him biogaia drops again. I did this and after several days he still didn’t seem to have much relief.

I called the doctor again and the nurse wanted him to be seen. I was advised to not let him have anything to eat for 3-4 hours before his appointment in case the doctor wanted to do an upper GI. Of course the doctor did want to do an upper GI. We found out he has reflux and his stomach is slow to empty so they referred us to a GI doctor.

Today we went to the GI doctor. After a night of very little sleep and a fussy baby my brain just wasn’t working to ask some of the questions I should have. The doctor wants to do several test. One is they will put this little device on his arm or leg that will collect sweat. The other is an ultrasound of his stomach. The doctor thinks the muscle that empties his tummy his too tight and that is why it is not emptying the way it should, causing him to not eat the way he should, causing him to lose weight. Today he had lost 3.5 oz since Friday. The doctor gave him Miralax so hopefully that will help some. Over the weekend I gave him karo and when he went to the bathroom he was much happier, ate better and slept better.

Now we are waiting on them to schedule the test. We’ll have to go to Children’s Hospital for the test.

Let me know what you think!!

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