Moving from Blogger to WordPress

It is rare that I am able to get on my computer to blog.  A while back I started moving my blog from Blogger to WordPress and then I ended up staying on Blogger because it was just easier than trying to learn a new website.  Now it is rare that I actually blog from my computer.  Actually this is the only blog I have written in forever from my computer; however, I do have a blog post I need to write and all the pictures are on my computer so I will have to write that blog post from my computer.  But after downloading the WordPress app on my phone I have decided I am switching to WordPress.  I love the Blogger app for blogging but it doesn’t have the dashboard on my phone to show me the blogs I follow where WordPress does.  Please bear with me while all of my blogs will be the default set up that WordPress has (it takes a lot of time to customize a blog) but I will get each of my blogs customized.  I have moved all three of my blogs from Blogger to WordPress and the new sites are:

Anderson Family (this blog) –

Picture of the Day –

Summer 2012 –


Let me know what you think!!

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