Ransome Box

In my mission to teach my children to be responsible with there stuff I have accumulated a good many “unloved” toys and usually over time I end up just giving them all back.  Our most recent “unloved” toy has been the favorite toys..the DS and DS games.  I find DS games just laying on the floor all the time.  I also find DS laying on the floor all the time just waiting for someone to step on them.  I have repeatedly told them do not leave your DS and DS games laying in the floor.  Between yesterday and today I have collected three DS games and two DS that have been just left laying in the floor.

I have recently seen a “Mommy’s Ransome Box” on Pinterest and I must say I LOVE this idea.  So I decided to make my own “Mommy’s Ransome Box”.  Our rules for the ransome box is to get your toy(s) back you must wait 3 days then you may do a chore for each toy.  The chores are on little slips of paper in the envelope attached to the front of the box and the child must do the chore they draw or the toy is gone forever.  I chores they have are really all things they already do.  Then I make two that say “Mommy’s Choice” and two that say “Adam’s Choice”.  If they draw one of those we get to decide what they must do and it may not be one of the chores on the other slips of paper but something they can do.  Hopefully this will help with teaching them some responsiblity of their own belongings.Image


Let me know what you think!!

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