Bradley’s Six Month Check Up

Wow, I can not believe he is already six months old. All and all his six month check up went well.

He weighs 15 lbs and 1 oz. He is in the 25% for his weight, 50% for his height and 45% for his head which is a steady growth up the charts since two months.

We are being sent to early interventions for some developmental delays. Bradley doesn’t have the tone or strength in his legs that he should have. We will see physical therapy for that. He has seen occupational therapy several times for his eating issues and will most likely see them there. Also they have speech therapy there if needed. He can only be seen there till the age of 2 and if he still has developmental delays at the age of 2 we will have to do something else.

Up to this point he has stayed with me due to his eating issues and today the doctor said due to all the issues Bradley has had he does not want him in daycare or mother’s day out. He is already exposed to enough having three school age siblings.

We have our next visit with the heart doctor in a few weeks (a few days before our cruise), but the doctor said today that his heart sounds great so hopefully the issues with his heart are correcting themselves as the heart doctor hoped they would. I am praying this is his last visit to the heart doctor.

Bookcase for the Girls’ Room

Awhile back I started redecorating the girls’ room and I must say this is not something that is going to happen over night.  I still have twenty yes you read that right twenty projects to make for their room before I am done.  The most recent project we finished was the bookcase made by my husband.  I told Adam exactly what I wanted and he made it.  I wanted two shelves for each girl to put books in, one shelf for the playstation and one shelf for the DVD player.  I wanted to be able to put the TV on top of the bookcase so it had to be deep enough that it wouldn’t fall over.

I am decorating the girls’ room with hot pink, lime green and bright orange.  So I decided to paint some cardboard to match the walls for the back of each shelf.  I think it looks great!!

Noah Turns 7

Wow, I can’t believe it has been seven years since the doctor asked me, “Are you ready to have a baby?”  I won’t tell you my whole story but what Mom doesn’t love telling the birth story of one of her children.  Noah was a long pregnancy withouts of issues and lots of contractions for days.  So when the doctor told me I was far enough long that I wouldn’t make it to the hospital if I went into labor at home and that she was keeping me I was thrilled.

Yesterday was Noah’s 7th birthday and he wanted a Lego themed party.  I found lots of cute ideas online and used several of those ideas.  I have pinned most if not all of them and some on Pinterest under my birthday idea board.  Make sure you check it out.

Paisley Skirt, Shirt & Headband

A while back I found this super cute material at Hobby Lobby and I just knew one of my girls would LOVE it and was I right.  Alyssa saw it and immediately needed me to make her something.  I made her a skirt, a monogrammed shirt and a headband.  I had started the project and then I couldn’t find a plain white shirt so I ended up taking me longer to finish than I had hoped.  It was suppose to be her outfit for the first day of school.  Oops, she wore it on the third day.  She came home on the second day of school and told me she was wearing it to school the next day.  I looked at her like really its not finished.  But after football practice, cheerleading practice, bathes, dinner and getting the kids in the bed I finished it.  Somehow that child always gets what she wants when it comes to me making her something.  But I told her not to promise anyone she would wear something to school again that I had not finished.

I am going to sell this out in my shop Sheena Creates.  Please understand I make the outfit to fit the child so it is not started until the order is placed and paid.

Happy Birthday Wreath

In the process of getting ready for Noah’s birthday.  I decided to make a birthday wreath I recently saw on Pinterest.  I fdecided to make a sign to hang in the middle of the wreath that I could easily change out so I could use it for all of the children’s birthdays.  Seeing as how Noah’s birthday is the next one it is shown with the sign I will use each year for Noah’s birthday.

My husband gives me a hard time and says we celebrate our birthdays for a week so I went ahead and hung it on the front door so the children will see it when they get home today.  I can’t wait to see how they like it.

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

That’s what they say anyway and my children believe it.

Ever since Bradley was born he has had lots of tummy issues and has taken medicine basically since birth. Anyone who knows me this is something I am completely against. I do not like giving my children medicine and even more so not my newborn.

However, Bradley has slow to empty and this issue caused him to have lots of feeding issues which caused him to lose weight and landed him in Children’s Hospital. We finally found a medicine that helped him go to the bathroom so he would eat but wouldn’t give him diarrhea. Well sometimes it does because the slightest change in his eating habits effects how the medicine affects him.

Starting solids has been rough. One day they make him extremely constipated and then the next day the medicine has given him diarrhea.

Recently I introduced apples. Needless to say Bradley does not really like them. But I like the effects the apples have on his tummy. Which it makes sense because when one of my big kids complain of a tummy ache I always ask “have you pottied lately”. They always respond “no”. So I give them some apple juice and the next day it’s all better. I have learned when Bradley is having issues going to the bathroom I can give him some apples instead of the medicine and he will go to the bathroom.

Ok, I know you didn’t want to know about my children’s bowel moments. But all parents understand how important this can be. More importantly I can give Bradley one less medicine each day.

We recently added another medicine for his reflux and I was very hesitate to add another medicine but after a month of no sleep and the doctor saying there is nothing else wrong with him but his reflux I finally agreed to start the medicine and it has greatly helped him so being able to stop a different medicine is a blessing.

Command Center

My kids love to know what is going on, when we are going where and what is coming up. I usually keep a calendar on the side of the frig but lets be real, it’s tacky!

I finally decided it was time for something nice, neat and better organized. I have been looking at different command centers on pinterest for several nights now. I stay awake for Bradley’s middle of the night feedings by looking on pinterest.

Last night I decided I wanted a tear off calendar instead of a dry erase one. So today while at the store I found everything I needed for my command center. I got a tear off calendar, a magnetic dry erase board & some different color dry erase markers. I still need some more cute magnets & I am going to use my cricut to cut out the kids’ names but I am happy with it. Hopefully the kids will like it too!!


First Day of School 2012

Today is a bittersweet day and surprisingly I didn’t cry.  It was the first day of school for the big kids.  I was so not ready for them to go back to school.  Summer went by way too fast.  This is the first summer in years I have been able to be with them all summer and I LOVED it!!!

Alyssa is in 3rd grade this year.  I can’t not believe how big she is getting.  But even being the oldest she is always the one who would rather stay with Mommy than anything.  She made sure to give me lots of love and let me take lots of pictures of her before I left them at school.

Noah is in 2nd grade this year.  Some how he managed to get in a class with basically all of his friends.  He was excited to go back to school.  He told me “no more pictures” but he did make sure to give me a hug before saying good-bye.

Taylor is in 1st grade this year.  She has been ready for school to start back for weeks.  She thinks she is ready for homework and test; although yesterday she was starting to doubt that excitement.  When we got to her class she was so excited she left me without a hug or a finally picture.

They are all getting so big so fast.  I am so proud of all of them and the little people they are growing into.  I can’t wait for them to get home and tell me all about their first day of school.

Frames by my babies

Anyone who knows me knows my children are my world. I know in the last six months or so (the end of my pregnancy & since his birth) everything has been so much about Bradley. So today let’s talk about someone else..Alyssa, Noah and Taylor.

A few years ago the kids all made me a picture frame. Chris had Alyssa and Noah paint them for me for Mother’s Day and my sweet Taylor wanted me to have one from her too so I got the kit and she made one me too. I had them on my desk at work but since I am not going to be able to go back in the office I finally decided to get all my personal stuff sent to me.

Seeing as how the sunroom is so much about crafts I felt like it was the perfect place to hang these beautiful frames from my babies. With some updated pictures and I attached a ribbon to hang them they are up for everyone to see.

The pictures of the children were taken last fall by Ashley Price. She does great work. You should check her out on Facebook at Ashley Price Photography. She is out of Tuscaloosa but will travel to Birmingham.



My children LOVE to make artwork for me but I have never had a good way to display it other than a magnet on the side of the refrigerator and it seems like they always side down.  Recently I have seen so many cute ways to display your children’s artwork on pinterest but most of them required wall space that I just don’t have to hang the artwork.  Earlier this year I made my mother in law a hanger to display grand kids and decided to use the same idea to display the kids’ artwork.

Since I am hanging it in the sunroom and my color scheme for the sunroom is red, blue, green and yellow I used these same colors for the lettering.  First I painted a piece of MDF board black.  Then I used my Cricut to cut out the letters to spell “ARTWORK”.  I used mod podge to attach the letters to the board.  I dyed four clothes pins black, then I cut out paper to match the lettering and glued it to the clothes pins before writing the kids’ names on them with a sharpie.  To give it the same finished look as the rest of the board I put a coat of mod podge over them.  Then I found some matching ribbon from my stash and attached it to the back of the board with hot glue to hang it.