Chore Cards

Last week I made a ransom box for all the toys my children don’t put up. You can find it here. I must say the chores has been a huge help!! So I decided as old as my three big kids are they can do chores on a daily & weekly bases.

I printed the daily chores on orange card stock and made “tickets” on orange card stock. Each day each kid care earn four orange tickets.

I printed the weekly chores on blue card stock and made “tickets” on blue card stock. Each week each kid can earn four blue tickets.

Each Sunday I am going to let them draw their chore cards for the week. On the daily chores whatever they draw is their daily chores for the week.

I decided each ransom item can be earned back by one blue ticket or four orange tickets. If they don’t have anything in the ransom box they can save their tickets and “shop” from my prize store.

I am still working out the details of my prize store. I don’t want to buy just junk from Dollar Tree or the $1 aisle at Target. I am thinking I will make cards of different things such as craft time, baking time, ice cream cone, candy, etc. I still have to decide how much each card will cost too. I have thought about if they really want to save their tickets they could earn money to buy what they want.

I also made morning routine cards to help them remember everything they have to do in the mornings (make up bed, get dressed, put up dirty clothes, put up clothes hanger, brush hair, brush teeth). They don’t earn tickets for these but it will be a helpful reminder for them so I don’t have to ask them every morning if they completed those task.


Let me know what you think!!

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