Girls Room Redecorated

I have been working on redecorating the girls’ room.  My list of things I am making for the girls’ room is really long.  {{{{{Shhhhh}}}}} Don’t tell Adam!!  Sometimes my projects turn into his projects, but lately I have tried to be better about it.  When we are done their room will be hot pink, lime green and bright orange.  I know, bright right!!

The first project I have completed for their room is custom made jewelry boxes.  What girl doesn’t want a standing jewelry box like Mommy?  Honestly, Alyssa could use one as large as mine but she has been collecting necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings since she was two and she has a lot of dress up jewelry.  When we moved the dress up jewelry to their bedroom I divided up the jewelry which helped with Alyssa’s over flowing too much.  I have listed the custom jewelry boxes in my shop Sheena Creates for anyone who is interested in ordering one make sure you check it out.

I was really antsy and wanted to start painting the walls.  So far we have only painted one wall and Adam did it for me.  One of my projects that was turned into his.  The first wall we painted is hot pink and boy is it pink.  Before we move on to painting the next wall I have a few other projects to finish on the pink wall.


Let me know what you think!!

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