Thread & Bobbin Holder

I am in the process of reorganizing all my craft stuff. I have tons and tons of different stuff and several plastic tubs under my house of stuff. I don’t even remember what is in those plastic tubs. I want to get all of them out and have all of that stuff also organized in my new craft room/office/ homework room. But first I have to organize everything that is already in there.

One of the many projects I have been working on is a way to organize my thread and bobbins. I thought about the holder (can’t think of the name of it) that holds thread so you can see all of it but I don’t have tons and tons of different colors & I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on it. Also I really wanted something more personalized.

I made a holder out of a wooden “S” for Sheena!! I bought the “S” from Hobby Lobby and painted it to match the color scheme in the sunroom. Then I used nails and hammered them in the “S” so I had them grouped in twos (one for the thread another for the matching bobbin).

I am going to sell them in my shop Sheena Creates.



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