Frames by my babies

Anyone who knows me knows my children are my world. I know in the last six months or so (the end of my pregnancy & since his birth) everything has been so much about Bradley. So today let’s talk about someone else..Alyssa, Noah and Taylor.

A few years ago the kids all made me a picture frame. Chris had Alyssa and Noah paint them for me for Mother’s Day and my sweet Taylor wanted me to have one from her too so I got the kit and she made one me too. I had them on my desk at work but since I am not going to be able to go back in the office I finally decided to get all my personal stuff sent to me.

Seeing as how the sunroom is so much about crafts I felt like it was the perfect place to hang these beautiful frames from my babies. With some updated pictures and I attached a ribbon to hang them they are up for everyone to see.

The pictures of the children were taken last fall by Ashley Price. She does great work. You should check her out on Facebook at Ashley Price Photography. She is out of Tuscaloosa but will travel to Birmingham.



Let me know what you think!!

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