Paisley Skirt, Shirt & Headband

A while back I found this super cute material at Hobby Lobby and I just knew one of my girls would LOVE it and was I right.  Alyssa saw it and immediately needed me to make her something.  I made her a skirt, a monogrammed shirt and a headband.  I had started the project and then I couldn’t find a plain white shirt so I ended up taking me longer to finish than I had hoped.  It was suppose to be her outfit for the first day of school.  Oops, she wore it on the third day.  She came home on the second day of school and told me she was wearing it to school the next day.  I looked at her like really its not finished.  But after football practice, cheerleading practice, bathes, dinner and getting the kids in the bed I finished it.  Somehow that child always gets what she wants when it comes to me making her something.  But I told her not to promise anyone she would wear something to school again that I had not finished.

I am going to sell this out in my shop Sheena Creates.  Please understand I make the outfit to fit the child so it is not started until the order is placed and paid.


Let me know what you think!!

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