Bradley’s Six Month Check Up

Wow, I can not believe he is already six months old. All and all his six month check up went well.

He weighs 15 lbs and 1 oz. He is in the 25% for his weight, 50% for his height and 45% for his head which is a steady growth up the charts since two months.

We are being sent to early interventions for some developmental delays. Bradley doesn’t have the tone or strength in his legs that he should have. We will see physical therapy for that. He has seen occupational therapy several times for his eating issues and will most likely see them there. Also they have speech therapy there if needed. He can only be seen there till the age of 2 and if he still has developmental delays at the age of 2 we will have to do something else.

Up to this point he has stayed with me due to his eating issues and today the doctor said due to all the issues Bradley has had he does not want him in daycare or mother’s day out. He is already exposed to enough having three school age siblings.

We have our next visit with the heart doctor in a few weeks (a few days before our cruise), but the doctor said today that his heart sounds great so hopefully the issues with his heart are correcting themselves as the heart doctor hoped they would. I am praying this is his last visit to the heart doctor.


Let me know what you think!!

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