Our Little Spooks

I believe this is the hardest project I have EVER done. I saw this on Pinterest forever ago and I just knew I had to make it.

Each footprint was done twice. I did it, it looked bad, I wiped it off and I redid it. So glad the white paint wiped off so well and I didn’t have to repaint it black. Surprisingly Bradley’s footprint looks the best. But we decided that is because his foot is fatter and he doesn’t have the arch like the big kids do.

I must say while it wasn’t that “easy” to make I absolutely LOVE it!!


What’s a Week?

I never would have imagined a week would make such a difference. Noah was born at 37 weeks, considered full term and had no problems at all. Bradley was born at 36 weeks, considered a premie and has had issue after issue.

First 13 days in the NICU for blood sugar and elevated heart rate. Next 3 days in Children’s for failure to thrive. So now my 9 lb 7 oz premie has weight gaining issues. Then reflux and slow to empty issues. We finally seem to get past all of that to be told “Bradley has some developmental delays.”

A few weeks ago we went for an evaluation with early intervention. I talked to them earlier this week and we were referred to another office. I spoke with that office earlier this week and set up an appointment for further testing. Today I receive a phone call from them and Bradley was accepted into the program but not because of the delays we had previously seen. However being accepted into the program they work as a team to determine all services Bradley needs. I have an appointment with them in a few weeks and that will be determined and goals will be written.

Today I was told Bradley has a 25% delay in communication and a 20% delay in motor skills. The communication delay is what got him in the program but was the last thing I expected. I had always felt like Bradley did well with his communication even though he hasn’t said anything but he is only 7 months and being a premie considered 6 months on his development.