Thankful Children

Usually in the fall my children decorate a box, we put three can goods a week in it and then we donate it in November right before Thanksgiving. But this year has gone by so fast that I forgot to have them decorate a box in September. But I still want them to think about being thankful in November so this year we started something new. I put together “Alyssa is Thankful for…”, “Noah is Thankful for…”, and “Taylor is Thankful for…”, books. Each day the kids are writing what they are thankful for in them. I started to have it so they all wrote on the same thing but I didn’t want anyone to copy what someone else wrote so I made three and put enough lines and years on it so they will write in the same books each November through 2015. Then we can look back each year at what they said the year before and see how their hand writing changes over the years.

Last night was so cute to see what they were thankful for. I showed them my picture frame that I leave notes to Adam on and I had wrote what I was thankful for him for yesterday on it and that was calling Aenta when they would pay for Bradley’s medicine yesterday. Alyssa said she was thankful for Adam for making Aetna pay money. Noah said he was thankful for his house. Taylor said she is thankful for the food and stuff we give her. Gotta love those kids.


Let me know what you think!!

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