Cleaning Out

After Christmas I started cleaning out, decluttering and organizing my house. Since Bradley is starting to get around baby proofing is a must. I have now basically cleaned out and decluttered my whole house. I still need to buy some stuff to help me organize some stuff and I have a list of things to make to help with organizing stuff but its getting there.

With this mind set over the weekend I decided I wanted to start using up some of my scrap fabric. I’ll buy a yard of something, cut out what I need and stuff the rest of it in a drawer to save to make something else with because its too much to just throw away. I ended up making two baby doll blankets and pillows, a pillow to match Bradley’s blanket and I made an Alabama football blanket. That cleaned out ALOT. Fleece is thick fabric and takes up a lot more room than other fabric.

When I changed the sunroom from a playroom to a craft/homework room I had Adam get all my plastic tubs of stuff out from under the house. I have lots of craft stuff. Slowly I have organized a lot of it and got the room set up nicely. But I have tons of yard and fabric. I decided I’d start going through some of my tubs and cleaning them out. I have a good bit of fleece in one of them. The first one I opened had some fleece from a quilt that I started when Alyssa was a baby. Yes I said a baby and now she is 8. It’s really too young for her now being Sesame Street but I have decided I am going to finish it and this has put me on a mission to finish unfinished projects.

I know as crafters we all have lots of unfinished projects but until I got in the tubs I forgot about some of them. I want to challenge everyone to make a list of your unfinished projects and work on finishing them. I know for me it’s going to mean looking in some plastic tubs before I know what all I have to finish but I am going to work on that list and I’ll share it. I’d love to see other people’s unfinished projects too.

Below is a picture of my unfinished project I am currently working on finishing. It’s the quilt I started years ago when Alyssa was a baby. I also have fleece to make one for a boy too but I never cut that fleece so I am thinking I may make something different with it.



Let me know what you think!!

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