Unfinished Projects

In my last post I said I would post my list of unfinished projects. Now that I have emptied a plastic tub that was full of fabric I now know what sewing projects I have to finish.

1. Ruffled Tunic Dresses
2. T-Shirt Dresses
3. Sequin Skirts
4. Sesame Street Quilt
5. Monogrammed Shirt & Skirt Outfit

Not too bad on my sewing list. Only thing is while it looks like five projects its really eight because one through three are two separate outfits.

I also have some projects related to my cricut to finish. It has not been very high on my list. Don’t get me wrong I love my cricut but I HATE when I have an issue with cutting and the truth is I probably need some new mats so it cuts crappy.

1. Etch Glasses
2. Labels for Jars
3. Labels for Cereal Containers

I also have some scrapbooking to finish. The only thing is, it’s going to take a lot of time and room so I am going to have to finish everything else so I can put up my sewing machines and cricut (well I’ll probably use it for scrapbooking) before I pull out all of that stuff. I bought some stuff and ordered the prints but never scrapbooked our wedding pictures. Hopefully that will be something I’ll have the time and space to work on soon.


Let me know what you think!!

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