Ruffled Dress

One down and one to go! This weekend I decided I wanted to kinda follow an idea I found on Pinterest but I wanted to change it. The original post is here.

I loved the idea of adding the ruffles to a shirt but I wanted more of a dress and the shirt I had was not a long shirt. So I used some fabric I had and made the shirt longer. I started out with this red peace sign fabric. But I wanted more than just it. So I started digging through some fabric and found the green star fabric from a blanket I made years ago. I thought they looked really good together. Right before I was about to ruffle the stripes of fabric I laid it out to show to Adam and I thought tulle would make it so much cuter. So back to digging in my stash to find I had lime green and red tulle, perfect! Then I added tulle to each stripe of fabric before I ruffled it.

The original post said to add the stripes from the top down but I did it from the bottom up and now I understand why. It’s hard to sew the last few rows on when I have so much already below it to bunch up over the sewing machine but it worked out.

Now I have one more to finish and both of my girls will have a cute new dress to wear. It’s a little hard for Taylor to get on and off. She will need help getting it on but it’s super cute on. Sorry my picture isn’t with her modeling it. When I realized I needed a picture she had already taken it off and after the whining putting it on and taking it off I didn’t feel like doing it again.



Let me know what you think!!

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