Repurposing at its Best!!

I love to repurpose. I repurposed Noah’s old blue jeans into skirts and now Adam’s old t-shirts into dresses. I found the original post on Pinterest and LOVED the dress. It was so cute I knew I wanted to make one for my girls. You can find the original post here.

When Adam got some new under shirts and went to toss his old ones I kept them. I knew I could dye them any color I wanted and make this dress or a few other outfits I had seen made from t-shirts. Adam was so nice and did the dying for me. I already had some red dye so I decided I’d use it and I picked up some pink dye at the store. It wasn’t as pink as I wanted so we added a few drops of red to the pink to make it darker.

I didn’t have a basic dress pattern so I made my own. I laid Alyssa’s dress on a big piece of paper and drew an outline of it for the dress I made for Taylor. Then I added about 1/2 an inch all the way around my pattern to make a pattern for Alyssa’s dress.

For the most part I followed the pattern. I did things a little different with the sleeves and the neck. I had planned on doing some embroidery to the front of it but I put the dress together and I should have done it before I put the front and back together so the embroidery idea will have to wait for something else. The girls love it!!



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