Friday Food #3

Sunday Adam decided about midday that he wanted potato soup for dinner. I told him some yeast rolls sounded really good to go with it. So off to the store he went to get stuff to make potato soup and yeast rolls. We didn’t have a recipe for either one. I found a recipe for the soup on Pinterest and he found one from a Google search so we combined parts of the two recipes and made soup. We didn’t have a recipe for the yeast rolls either and those were all his doing so I have no clue Bout that recipe other than he found it from a Google search.

Monday we had the kids favorite homemade chicken fingers and French fries. The kids call them homemade because they are froze chicken fingers. We buy the chicken tenders, flour and fry them.

Tuesday we had fried pork chops, black eyed peas, cream potatoes and leftover yeast rolls. They were not as good reheated.

Wednesday night I was really in the mood for soup since it was so cold. We had leftover potato soup and I had some veggie soup I had frozen from a few weeks ago so we heated it up and had soup. I really enjoyed the potato soup leftover. It’s was like man I wish I had some more.

Thursday was Bradley’s 1st birthday. I was super busy that day getting stuff ready for his party and getting stuff ready for the trial on Monday and I ended up forgetting to get anything out to thaw so I talked Adam into picking up Chinese food. To my surprise Alyssa liked the egg roll.

A Year of Bradley

A year ago today we welcomed Adam Bradley Anderson Jr. into this world.  It wasn’t the most graceful entry and many days have been a struggle but it has been a world of love and joy.   A year ago today we looked at a baby who laid with many cords connected to him.  We were told we couldn’t hold him and to touch him as little possible.  I have written many post about Bradley and all his struggles.  You can find them here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here.  But I can finally say he is starting to improve.  He still has therapy 2-3 times a month and we are so thankful for these ladies and all they have done to help Bradley.  Maybe he isn’t walking yet but I’m not ready and he is reaching milestones and did you know that actually the milestone for walking isn’t until 15 months according to Children’s Hospital.

Happy Birthday Bradley!!  I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring for you.

Bradley Birth


One Month

Two Months

Two Months

Three Months

Three Months

Four Months

Four Months

Five Months

Five Months

Six Months

Six Months

Seven Months

Seven Months

Eight Months

Eight Months

Nine Months

Nine Months

Ten Months

Ten Months

Eleven Months

Eleven Months

Twelve Months

Twelve Months


I feel like this is the never ending battle at our house. Well I have finally gotten to the point that I am tired of repeating myself fifty million times every night so we start a new system. It is similar to the system used in Taylor’s class at school. My thought is if we do something similar to school it will help keep them out of trouble at school.

My kids are 7, 7 and 8. Obviously they are old enough to know the rules. I have one in first grade, one in second grade and one in third grade. In first grade you get several chances and after about five your name gets put on the board. In second grade you get two chance and then you have to pull a card. In third grade you don’t get chance you simple follow the rules.

We have a whiteboard that I bought at the first of the school year when I made our command center. It’s divided into three sections so I have an area for each school age child and each child’s section has his/her name on it. So we are going to put strikes on the board. For each strike the punishment gets a little worse.

1 strike is simply a warning.
2 strikes no dessert.
3 strikes sit in the corner for 15 minutes.
4 strikes write sentences, spelling words, factors, whatever would help him/her the most with school.
5 strikes you go to bed.

What system do you use at your house? Does it help?

Monday Memories #2

This week was full of going. Bradley and I had to go across twin three days this week. Although I don’t complain because that means I get to enjoy a lunch date with my honey. Another perk of my job!

This week we retired Bradley’s paci and got him a new one. So far he seems to like his new one and not notice it’s not his old one that was falling apart. Although he has given it plenty of flavor with the chocolate pudding and icing him and I have enjoyed.



We also celebrated Valentine’s this week. Lots of love at our house.




I am getting things ready for the school dance this upcoming Friday night. Hence the reason I had to go across town so much, Party City!! I am so excited about it. I know all the kids will enjoy it.

I am also getting things ready for Bradley’s first birthday. I can not believe my little man turns one in just a few days. It has gone by soooo fast.


Valentine’s Day


It seems like Valentine’s Day came and went a lot faster this year than years before. I had wrapped everyone’s stuff days before and had it on display in the living room so the kids were ready to open them as soon as we got up. Surprisingly they were actually ready for school with plenty of time to spare so we let them.


I got each of them a little something. Slap bracelets, pencil, light up Valentine’s toy and candy for the big kids. Bradley got a light up Valentine’s toy, stuff animal and duck. Adam got pants and candy. I got flowers and embroidery thread.



Having four kids we don’t have much time to do anything just us so we have to learn to make the most of any time we have after bedtime. I had been asking for sushi for several weeks now and Adam was going to surprise me with sushi Valentine’s night but I was so tired I went to bed right after we got the kids in the bed so he made me sushi last night instead.


Friday Food #2

Monday we had what we call meatballs. When it was just me, Alyssa and Noah I was always looking for some quick, easy, cheap but still good. One day when I was browsing the grocery store I found these meals by a company called Homestyle Bakes. For $3 you get everything you need for the meal. Well only one thing it comes with very little meat so I always add extra. In this case it is meatballs. I will add about 20 froze meatballs to the pan before I put it in the oven. Toss some garlic bread in the oven and we have a pretty good meal. Next time I think I’ll add a salad with it.


Tuesday I made rotel chicken spaghetti. I found the recipe on Pinterest and we all seem to like it. The girls will whine that it is spicy but Noah eats it without any issues. Somedays Taylor will eat it without any issues too. As you can see in my picture it went pretty quickly and we ended up with no leftovers. I also made some garlic bread to go with it.


Wednesday was a cheat day. I ate a late lunch and Adam was running late so I wasn’t really in the mood to cook. I always keep some quick and easy things around that all the kids like. Noah had cheese sticks and fish sticks. Taylor had cheese sticks and fish sticks. Alyssa had cheese sticks. They are all just frozen items.

Thursday I made some sliders. I browned some ground beef, drained it then put it back in the pan with veletta cheese. It started to burn before the cheese was melt so I poured in a small mount of milk. Then I served it on a dinner roll with a side of taco rice. The kids all loved it including Alyssa who will tell you she “hates” hamburger meat. She asked for seconds but then decided she was full I think she remembered I had a special Valentine’s dessert for them. Dessert wasn’t anything big but they all were excited about it. I was across town yesterday so I stopped by Krispy Kreme and picked up some heart shaped donuts.

Beloved Paci

When Bradley was born he spent 13 days in the NICU and later spent 3 days in Children’s in the special care unit. Both of which were places that I could not be with him 24/7. Both of which were places that gave him the paci every time he cried. So when he came home he LOVED his paci. He was so attached to his paci that when he had all his feeding issues we even bought a bottle made my gumdrop (the company who made his paci) to see if he would take it.

His paci has been through a lot. He has tried many times to lose his beloved paci. I have looked under many aisles at Wal-Mart chasing the paci after he threw it down. During football season he threw it down and luckily we found it in the parking lot. After many episodes of him throwing his paci and me trying to keep up with it I finally broke down and went to Buy Buy Baby to get a paci clip.

The issue was all the clips I could find at Wal-Mart or Target were all to go around a paci that has the ring; however, his gumdrop paci does not have the ring so I had to go across town to get one that would fit in the hole on his paci to hold it.

Lately we have encountered another issue with his paci, it is coming apart and I must say it is rather nasty under the part that is starting to break. We tried the other gumdrop pacis again and he did not like them. We tried the soothe paci again and he did not like it.

Finally we went by the nurse’s station at the hospital where he was born and asked for another paci. The nice ladies found us one that wasn’t with stuff to go to a room and gave it to us.

I was a little unsure about the new paci. It looks just like his beloved paci but what if he notices that it is different. Maybe it doesn’t smell like his paci. Maybe it doesn’t taste like his paci.

After we got home I decided to swap it out. To my surprise he grabbed it and went right on just like it was his paci. Now I have got to find something to put his first paci in to save it.

I’d say we did pretty good since he is almost a year old before we had to replace his paci.

Bradley's Paci

Bradley’s Beloved Paci

Bradley's New Paci

Bradley with his new Paci

Time to Make a Pharaoh

Alyssa is in RLC and this year they are studying Ancient Egypt. She comes home telling me all kinds of stuff I don’t know interesting things.  A week ago she brought home a note about making a pharaoh and today was the day. We gathered our supplies and got to work.

Alyssa working on her pharaoh.


Her pharaoh laying in his tomb. He had already been sitting out a little while so his face is showing really well.


Tomorrow she is taking it to school to start the mummification process. Then she will bring it home and have to take care of it four weeks. This should be interesting.  Hopefully she will be better about taking care of her pharaoh than she is her cat.  Although I do know I am going to have to take care of it for her when she goes to her Dad’s house.

New Adventure

I have decided I want to learn how to make a pretty cake. Sure anyone can put some icing on a cake but I want it to look good. Also I want to make a “pretty” cake before Bradley’s birthday in less than two weeks.

Sunday afternoon I decided I’d give it a go. I made a orange cake with homemade cream cheese icing. I am big on keeping my pantry stocked with pretty much everything I may decide I want to make which includes several many cake mixes.

I did the crumb layer and put it in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. I was pretty pleased with the outcome of how it looked besides the icing that was on the cake stand where I did not want it. It taste really good too. Only thing I forgot to do was put enough icing between my layers. I was on a mission for pretty and forgot.

Not too bad for round one. I guess I’ll do some more research and video watching before round two.

Who wants some cake? Adam told the guys at work he was going to get fat because of my cake baking.


Monday Memories #1

I decided I wanted to start a weelyk blog post that is kinda like a digital scrapbook but not. I want to not only remember the pictures I took but what was going on when I took them.

The last few weeks I have been under the weather and it seems like each day another child has become under the weather. The sickness finally got Bradley. I really hoped that would mean some cuddle time but he is just not a cuddler. Boy am I glad I spent the first few months holding him all the time now because getting to hold and cuddle him since he can crawl is rare. I did get him to let me cuddle him for about five minutes after his nap the other day and was able to snap this picture.


As everyone know this week is Valentine’s. Last year I made cute Valentine’s for the kids to take to school but between being sick, going to all these appointments, getting ready for Bradley’s birthday and planning family dance night at the school; I decided that I was going to go simple and just buy some that each of the kids would like.

I was prepared in that sense that I bought them several weeks ago. Noah and Taylor both brought home notes about their Valentine’s parties. I asked Alyssa and asked Alyssa and finally she told me they are not having one. 😦 They are only allowed two parties so third grade is having Christmas and End of the Year. Since I had bought her some we decided she could take some of her close friends one. I did explain to her that she probably won’t receive any though.

Noah filling out his Lego cards.

Taylor filling out her Justin Bieber cards.

Alyssa filling out her fortune teller cards.

Now that Bradley is crawling really well he is into everything. He is pulling up on everything. Most days his falls are not very graceful. He does not have the best balance and with another ear infection his balance is even more off. Over the weekend he fell and hit his face on the bookcase in the girls’ room. I am so hoping his eye looks better before birthday picture time.


We also went to my parent’s house over the weekend to celebrate my Dad’s 72nd birthday and I completely forgot to take any pictures. Bradley didn’t get much of a nap and was less than happy most of the time we were there. The big kids all had a blast. They played at the “farm” aka the barn. To them the house isn’t the farm only the barn is. I guess that’s because the cows and pony are all over there.