Bradley’s Eyes

Aren’t they just the prettiest thing you have ever seen with those long eye lashes?? Ok so maybe I’m a little partial seeing as how he is my baby and everything but seriously I have had so many people tell me how beautiful his eyelashes are.

Anyway, several months ago I noticed his eyes did not always focus when he was looking at stuff. With everything that he has been through it concerned me so I mention it to his doctor who referred us to Dr. Metz. As picky as I am about doctors I did some research and decided I was comfortable taking him to Dr. Metz. I called to make an appointment and I was a little discouraged because the soonest they could see him was two months out. But I went ahead and made the appointment and reminded myself the best doctors book up quickly.

Over the last two months I have noticed an improvement in Bradley’s eyes. He still looks like he isn’t focusing from time to time but not like he was two months ago. I almost cancelled today’s appointment last week when they called to confirm it but decided I didn’t need to do that. It would be better to take him and everything be ok and have that peace of mind than to not take him and worry about it in a few weeks then have to wait two more months.

Today we met with Dr. Metz. I must say he was a very nice man. It’s rare that a doctor introduces themselves by their first name however he did. He reminded me of Dr. Law, Bradley’s heart doctor, very calm, patient and gentle with Bradley. I feel like that type of personality is important for a baby when going for exams like the eye doctor and heart doctor.

Dr. Metz told us Bradley is farsighted which is normal with babies of Bradley’s age. His is a little more than most babies but nothing that needs glasses. He also told us since the focusing seems to be straightening itself up we will not do anything at this time. We will plan to go back for a recheck in a year but if it doesn’t clean up, gets worse or he starts going cross eyed he would see us in six months.

So I am happy to say we got a good report!!



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