Beloved Paci

When Bradley was born he spent 13 days in the NICU and later spent 3 days in Children’s in the special care unit. Both of which were places that I could not be with him 24/7. Both of which were places that gave him the paci every time he cried. So when he came home he LOVED his paci. He was so attached to his paci that when he had all his feeding issues we even bought a bottle made my gumdrop (the company who made his paci) to see if he would take it.

His paci has been through a lot. He has tried many times to lose his beloved paci. I have looked under many aisles at Wal-Mart chasing the paci after he threw it down. During football season he threw it down and luckily we found it in the parking lot. After many episodes of him throwing his paci and me trying to keep up with it I finally broke down and went to Buy Buy Baby to get a paci clip.

The issue was all the clips I could find at Wal-Mart or Target were all to go around a paci that has the ring; however, his gumdrop paci does not have the ring so I had to go across town to get one that would fit in the hole on his paci to hold it.

Lately we have encountered another issue with his paci, it is coming apart and I must say it is rather nasty under the part that is starting to break. We tried the other gumdrop pacis again and he did not like them. We tried the soothe paci again and he did not like it.

Finally we went by the nurse’s station at the hospital where he was born and asked for another paci. The nice ladies found us one that wasn’t with stuff to go to a room and gave it to us.

I was a little unsure about the new paci. It looks just like his beloved paci but what if he notices that it is different. Maybe it doesn’t smell like his paci. Maybe it doesn’t taste like his paci.

After we got home I decided to swap it out. To my surprise he grabbed it and went right on just like it was his paci. Now I have got to find something to put his first paci in to save it.

I’d say we did pretty good since he is almost a year old before we had to replace his paci.

Bradley's Paci

Bradley’s Beloved Paci

Bradley's New Paci

Bradley with his new Paci


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