Friday Food #3

Sunday Adam decided about midday that he wanted potato soup for dinner. I told him some yeast rolls sounded really good to go with it. So off to the store he went to get stuff to make potato soup and yeast rolls. We didn’t have a recipe for either one. I found a recipe for the soup on Pinterest and he found one from a Google search so we combined parts of the two recipes and made soup. We didn’t have a recipe for the yeast rolls either and those were all his doing so I have no clue Bout that recipe other than he found it from a Google search.

Monday we had the kids favorite homemade chicken fingers and French fries. The kids call them homemade because they are froze chicken fingers. We buy the chicken tenders, flour and fry them.

Tuesday we had fried pork chops, black eyed peas, cream potatoes and leftover yeast rolls. They were not as good reheated.

Wednesday night I was really in the mood for soup since it was so cold. We had leftover potato soup and I had some veggie soup I had frozen from a few weeks ago so we heated it up and had soup. I really enjoyed the potato soup leftover. It’s was like man I wish I had some more.

Thursday was Bradley’s 1st birthday. I was super busy that day getting stuff ready for his party and getting stuff ready for the trial on Monday and I ended up forgetting to get anything out to thaw so I talked Adam into picking up Chinese food. To my surprise Alyssa liked the egg roll.


Let me know what you think!!

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