Friday Food #7

This week I did more cooking!! Go me!

Monday started out slow. I cooked one of the kids’ favorites, home style bakes mashed potatoes with gravy, chicken and biscuit.

Tuesday we had chicken nuggets and fries.

Wednesday I was adventurous with some pork chops. I wanted to do something easy so I rinsed them, patted them dry, put then on a baking sheet and covered them with a pack of ranch mix and Italian dressing mix then I baked them on 350 for 45 minutes. They turned out great! We had cream potatoes, black eyed peas and broccoli & cheese rice to go with it.

Thursday I was feeling a little under the weather and we still had a good bit of stuff left over from the previous nights so we had left overs.

Pink Tulle Skirt

Alyssa loves the color pink and she loves anything girlie.  Recently I have seen a lot of tulle skirts in the stores and online, but having four kids $25-30 for one skirt is rather pricey especially when I could make the same thing for much less.  During spring break I only had Bradley so my days were much more laid back, less laundry, no fussing and arguing between kids so needless to say I finally had time to make this skirt.  I used a wide elastic around the waist and put fleece on the inside so it was touching her skin instead of the tulle.  I have looked at several skirts in the store and noticed they were just layers of tulle but I was not comfortable with it only being layers of tulle so I use a hot pink glittery fabric that I had in my stash under the tulle and stacked the layers of tulle.  The skirt cost me at most $5 to make and I still have enough tulle and elastic to make another one.  Yay me for saving money!!  Best of all, she loves it!  I laid it on her bed so when she got home she saw it and she loved it.  She had to wear it to school today.


Monday Memories #6

A week ago today bad weather hit our town and our entire town was without power. Having a baby we couldn’t stay at home with it getting so cold at night so we packed up and went to the farm. Bradley had a lot of fun playing with Nana, feeding the animals, riding the gator and playing in the grass.


Nana even let Bradley drive the gator.


Bradley loves to help with laundry. Mostly he pulls the clothes off the couch while I am trying to fold them. Then there are times where he will try to put them on. He is so smart.


Family Literacy Night

Recently, we had family literacy night at the kids’ school in honor of Dr. Suess’s birthday.  Each class room decorated their door to go ahead with their favorite Dr. Suess book and then we voted on our favorite door.  I having three kids did not vote.  I didn’t feel it was right to pick one child’s door over another; however, each child voted.  Alyssa and Noah both voted for their own door.  Taylor voted for another classes door.  It was really so sweet.  Before we got to the school she was telling me whose door she was voting for.  I don’t think she realized the class with the most votes got a popcorn party.  Lucky for Noah his class won.

Alyssa's Door

Alyssa’s Door

Noah's Door

Noah’s Door

Taylor's Door

Taylor’s Door

The 4th and 5th grade RLC class made this beautiful back drop.  I will say they are all very talented children.  They recently made a back drop for me for the dance and it was beautiful.

RLC Back Drop

RLC Back Drop

The second graders preformed Suessical the Musical.  They did a wonderful job.  I was trying to upload the video but I keep having issues with my computer.  Its about a 10 minutes  video and the power goes out or I go to bed or something and my computer quits uploading it so a picture will have to do.

Family Literacy Night

Friday Food #6

I know this is way late. Friday was a rather hectic day for me and Bradley. We had many places we had to go including the doctor and the weather was awful the whole time we were gone. So when we got back I was rather lazy. I ended up watching Netflix the rest of the evening.

Anyway, last week it was just me, Adam and Bradley. We had some pepperoni we needed to eat before I had to trash it so we decided we’d make a big dish of something and eat on it all week. Then Monday hit, we had bad weather and lost power. So we packed up and went to my parent’s house for a few days. We took our dish with us but never ate anymore of it past Sunday. 😦 But it was sooooo good and I’ll be making some again soon for the kids.

A while back I found a recipe on Pinterest that included pepperoni, pasta and cheese. All sounds great with kids but it gets even better…it cooks in the crockpot. The next time I was at the store I grabbed some pepperoni, but instead of making what I had found on Pinterest, I used some of them in a HomeStyle Bakes meal. By the time Adam and I decided we were going to use the pepperoni in whatever we cooked it was too late in the day for the crockpot. So we decided we’d do something similar but in the oven.

We browned some ground beef and sausage, boiled some noodles, then we put all of it in a casserole dish, mixed in some cheese, pepperoni and sauce. Then we covered it with more cheese, covered it with foil and put it in the oven till it was warm through and through. Some of the pepperoni that was on the edge burned but it was so good!


Frame & Coasters

I love to use scraps from a project and make something else.  Last summer I made some cornhole bags for Adam and had some left over duck fabric.  I didn’t think I would ever use it for anything but it was too much to trash so I put it in my stash.

For Christmas I got an embroidery machine and I am still learning how to use it.  I have been looking for stuff lately that I could embroidery on for practice and for different ideas.  So I started looking through my stash and I found this grey and white chevron print duck fabric.  I didn’t have a lot of it but lets face it chevron print is HOT these days.  So I decided I’d give it a try.

Mine and Adam’s colors are red and black for the most part.  When we went to Mentone we stayed in a cabin that was decorated with red and black.  He purposed there and we spent our honeymoon there.  So when we bought our house I decorated our bedroom in red and black to keep the memory of the cabin.  Since my fabric is grey I decided I’d use some red thread and monogram our initials on them.

Originally I wanted four coasters but I messed one of them up and only had enough fabric left for three so I opts for two coasters and a frame.

The frame was one I had in my stash that was brown.  I sanded it and painted it black to match.

Once I was done I realized I wasn’t sure how I was going to put my fabric in the frame and the ends not show so I decided I’d make a mat for the frame.  I used some red scrapbook paper I had left over from Bradley’s birthday party (I promise I’ll share all of those details soon).  I made a 5×7 mat to trim down to a 4×6 picture.  Then I put my embroided fabric in the frame.

For coasters I cut the fabric to be 5″ square when I was finished.  I embroided two pieces of it, used my spray adhesive to hold some batting to one piece of it and then I sewed them up wrong side out leaving a small opening to flip them right side out.  Once I flipped them right side out, I pushed out the corners so that they were rounded and used my double needle to sew a boarder around them.  It was the first time I had every used the double needle and I must admit I LOVED it!!  I will be using it a lot more.  I think it gives things more of a finished look.

Frame & Coasters

AAS Frame


Monday Memories #5

This past week was mine and Adam’s anniversary.  We spent the day watching movies.  We had the new Breaking Dawn movie and wanted to watch it but we wanted to watch all the previous ones before watching the new one.  Adam bought me flower, candy and a card for our anniversary.  I am trying to decide what program I want for my embroidery machine and then that will be the rest of my anniversary gift.  I got him cologne and drill bits.


We had family literacy night at the school this week.  The second graders preformed and we voted on our favorite door.  Each class room decorated their door.  Noah’s class won.  I will post another blog post with more pictures but I thought I’d go ahead and share one now.  I have a video but I couldn’t get it to post on here.  =(  Maybe I can figure out something different to share the video for my full post.

Family Literacy Night

This week Alyssa took her pharaoh back to school and wrapped it.


I entered a contest put on by Joann Fabric’s called Create with 8.  Please vote for my frame on facebook.

Finished Frame

I couldn’t help but sharing a picture of those beautiful eyelashes.  I mean seriously, my poor daughters couldn’t have gotten them.  But they are beautiful on him.

Photo Mar 16, 9 22 40 AM

Undersea Corkboard

Recently I decided I wanted to start entering some of my crafts in contest.  I saw this contest on Joann Fabric’s Instagram page and I immediately had the perfect idea for it.

Joann Fabric’s is having a create with 8 contest.  They gave a list of 20 different craft items and you had to select 8 of them to make a craft, no more, no less.  The only thing extra you could use was stuff to hold it together such as glue, string, etc.

I choose to use the following items for my project:

  • Ready-Made Frame
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Cork Roll
  • Glitter
  • Chenille Stems
  • Kids Craft Foam Sheets
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Wiggle Eyes

I am currently working on decorating Noah’s room in an undersea theme.  I used an aqua green color to paint the frame.  I couldn’t decide between two colors so I let my color blind son choose the color.  I am not really sure he knows what the color looks like but since its going in his room he was happy to help.

Painted Frame

Its kind of hard to see the color in the above picture so here is a close up of the color.

Close Up of Paint

Then I found some fish online.  I printed them cardstock in one of the colors of the fish.  Then I cut them out and flipped them over so I had blank cardstock to work with.


My foam sheets were sticky on one side and they had paper attached to the sticky side so I was able to trace the clown fish, puffer fish and blue tang fish on to the back fo the foam sheets.  Then I cut out the foam sheets.

For the blue tang fish I only wanted the tail to be yellow so I cut the end of it off and attached it to the tail on the cardstock.  Then I cut out a small piece to make a fin and I attached a wiggle eye.

For the puffer fish I wanted the top part to be brown and the bottom to be the tan color of the cardstock so I cut out the top part and curved from the bridge of the mouth to the top of the tail and attached it to the cardstock.  Then I used a hole punch and cut out black dots to attach to the brown foam then I attached a wiggle eye.

For the clown fish I complete cut out my black and orange foam sheets then I cut slices of them to attach to the cardstock.  After I had attached my stripes I cut out an eye and a tip for the top fin and attached them on top of the orange foam.

For the star fish and seahorse I covered them in glue then sprinkled glitter all over them.  I didn’t want the glitter to be to girlie since its going in my son’s room but I wanted the starfish and seahorse to sparkle.  Once that dried I attached a wiggle eye to the seahorse.

Decorated Fish

Once everything had dried I attached all my fish to the frame.  I cut my stems to the length I wanted them and then wrapped them around my finger and pulled them back out so they looked like seaweed.  At this point I had no clue how I was going to attach it to my frame.  My original plan was for it to be in the bottom corner of the frame but I wasn’t sure how to attach it and make it look like.  As I held it up to the frame I decided coming out of the bottom corner between the frame and the cork roll would look good.  I wasn’t sure how it would affect the cork roll but I laid it in there how I wanted it, attached the back of the frame and then taped down the ends of the stems so they wouldn’t move and so they want scratch the wall once I hang it up.

Under Sea Corkboard

All and all I was very pleased with this project.  Noah loves it which is another plus too.  Now I need to get some painting done in his room so I can hang it on the wall.

Make sure you go on over to Joann’s Fabric and vote for my frame in their Create with 8 Contest!!

Friday Food #5

This week I lacked on cooking. Ok so I didn’t cook at all. We ate out a few nights, ate some leftovers from eating out and Adam cooked a Home Style bake this week. So I thought I’d share my favorite Pinterest meal with ya’ll instead. Hopefully my headaches will be better next week and I’ll be more productive.

Bourbon chicken!! This is my favorite dish I have cooked from Pinterest. I actually remember the first night I cooked it, yummy! Adam & my brother in law were working on our remodel (converting a one car garage into a pantry and bedroom). I don’t cook it as often as I would like because like I said its “my” favorite dish and the girls are not as fond of it. Noah likes it but he’d prefer something else too. Yum, now I want it.

Pharaoh is Mummified

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about Alyssa making a pharaoh. After we finished the pharaoh she took it to school and they took out the organs to start the mummification process. After that she brought it home and every two days had to change the natron aka salt and baking soda mixture. This went on for about a month before she took it back to school today.

Sorry I forgot to take a picture before she took it back to school. I really didn’t like to be in the same room when she was changing it because the smell was so bad. When she wasn’t here to change it Adam would change it for her so I didn’t have to endure the smell.

Today she took it back to school. They wrapped it and put a picture on the top of the tomb drawn by the child. Alyssa said she is going to finish coloring hers.



Now her mummy is complete and she put it in her room to save with her volcano.