Bradley’s Birthday Hat

Bradley’s first birthday was done in monkeys so my color scheme was red and brown. I knew one thing I wanted for his party was a birthday hat for him to wear that matched everything. I looked online for a pattern to make one and all I could find was one that was smaller than what I wanted, so I decided I’d look at the store for a cheap one that I could redecorate.

When walking through Dollar Tree one day I found one. Sorry I forgot to take a big of the before. I knew I could easily take off the tisle around the bottom of the hat. Then I undid it to make it a flat piece of cardboard. At first I thought about covering it with card stock but then I decided I wanted something that looked nicer and that would hold up well. So I decided I’d cover it with some brown fabric. I used a glue stick like I buy the kids to glue the fabric onto the hat.

Birthday Hat

Birthday Hat

Then I used my hot glue gun to glue it back together and make it back into the hat shape.

Birthday Hat

I had originally wanted ric rac to glue around the top and bottom of the hat but I was only able to find it in brown so I bought this other ribbon in red and honestly I loved the red ribbon and hated the ric rac. I decided I needed something other than the brown and red so I got in my stash of ribbon and found this off white that I thought went well with it.

Birthday Hat

I am not sure what I was thinking when I spaced out the ribbon but I was not happy with it. So I decided to add more ribbon and make it fuller. I also added some of the red ribbon around the top. Then I cut out a “1” from some red fabric and attached it with fabric glue.


It didn’t turn out exactly how I imagined it but what ever does?!? Noah has requested one for his birthday so I know what changes I’ll be making and it will not have ric rac on it. I’ll save that for sewing.

Birthday Hat

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