Monday Memories #4

A few weeks ago Zulily’s had TOMS on sale. I am really weird about spending a lot of money on shoes so this was perfect for me. I got me some emerald glitter ones and could not wait to wear them after they came in so when Monday rolled around I wore the TOMS.


To only be a year old Bradley is a ham. He has his moments almost everyday where he is doing something silly. With his eczema, teeth and tummy bothering him I made sure to snap some shots of all his silly faces. Gotta love them.


For Christmas Adam got me an embroidery machine and needless to say I still haven’t had much time to embroidery. Now I LOVE the machine for sewing. I have retired my old machine and only used it once when I had some thread that wasn’t agreeing with my new machine. I recently pulled out all of Bradley’s onsies that were “plain” and decided I was going to “fancy” them up. Almost a month later I finally monogrammed the first onsie. I am not sure what I am going to do with the second one. But considering this is my first time monogramming with it I am pleased.


Sunday we went to the park. I have got to get better about taking pictures of the big kids as they run by. Bradley had lots of fun. He was jumping up and down watching the big kids play.



I had lots of laundry this weekend. I decided I’d wash the kids’ jackets and I found lots of treasurers. Apparently Alyssa had hidden lots of stuff in her pocket because I found it in my dryer.



With the warm weather approaching I decided it was time for a pedicure. Adam was sweet enough to paint my toe nails.


Let me know what you think!!

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