Monday Memories #5

This past week was mine and Adam’s anniversary.  We spent the day watching movies.  We had the new Breaking Dawn movie and wanted to watch it but we wanted to watch all the previous ones before watching the new one.  Adam bought me flower, candy and a card for our anniversary.  I am trying to decide what program I want for my embroidery machine and then that will be the rest of my anniversary gift.  I got him cologne and drill bits.


We had family literacy night at the school this week.  The second graders preformed and we voted on our favorite door.  Each class room decorated their door.  Noah’s class won.  I will post another blog post with more pictures but I thought I’d go ahead and share one now.  I have a video but I couldn’t get it to post on here.  =(  Maybe I can figure out something different to share the video for my full post.

Family Literacy Night

This week Alyssa took her pharaoh back to school and wrapped it.


I entered a contest put on by Joann Fabric’s called Create with 8.  Please vote for my frame on facebook.

Finished Frame

I couldn’t help but sharing a picture of those beautiful eyelashes.  I mean seriously, my poor daughters couldn’t have gotten them.  But they are beautiful on him.

Photo Mar 16, 9 22 40 AM

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