Frame & Coasters

I love to use scraps from a project and make something else.  Last summer I made some cornhole bags for Adam and had some left over duck fabric.  I didn’t think I would ever use it for anything but it was too much to trash so I put it in my stash.

For Christmas I got an embroidery machine and I am still learning how to use it.  I have been looking for stuff lately that I could embroidery on for practice and for different ideas.  So I started looking through my stash and I found this grey and white chevron print duck fabric.  I didn’t have a lot of it but lets face it chevron print is HOT these days.  So I decided I’d give it a try.

Mine and Adam’s colors are red and black for the most part.  When we went to Mentone we stayed in a cabin that was decorated with red and black.  He purposed there and we spent our honeymoon there.  So when we bought our house I decorated our bedroom in red and black to keep the memory of the cabin.  Since my fabric is grey I decided I’d use some red thread and monogram our initials on them.

Originally I wanted four coasters but I messed one of them up and only had enough fabric left for three so I opts for two coasters and a frame.

The frame was one I had in my stash that was brown.  I sanded it and painted it black to match.

Once I was done I realized I wasn’t sure how I was going to put my fabric in the frame and the ends not show so I decided I’d make a mat for the frame.  I used some red scrapbook paper I had left over from Bradley’s birthday party (I promise I’ll share all of those details soon).  I made a 5×7 mat to trim down to a 4×6 picture.  Then I put my embroided fabric in the frame.

For coasters I cut the fabric to be 5″ square when I was finished.  I embroided two pieces of it, used my spray adhesive to hold some batting to one piece of it and then I sewed them up wrong side out leaving a small opening to flip them right side out.  Once I flipped them right side out, I pushed out the corners so that they were rounded and used my double needle to sew a boarder around them.  It was the first time I had every used the double needle and I must admit I LOVED it!!  I will be using it a lot more.  I think it gives things more of a finished look.

Frame & Coasters

AAS Frame


8 thoughts on “Frame & Coasters

    • Yes Shannon! I got it for Christmas and I am still learning how to use it. I have the hardest time with getting it lined up in the hoop the way I want it so things are straight and centered.

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    • Thanks for commenting. I just got my machine for Christmas and I’m still learning how to use it, but this was one project I did with it that I was really proud of.

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