Pink Tulle Skirt

Alyssa loves the color pink and she loves anything girlie.  Recently I have seen a lot of tulle skirts in the stores and online, but having four kids $25-30 for one skirt is rather pricey especially when I could make the same thing for much less.  During spring break I only had Bradley so my days were much more laid back, less laundry, no fussing and arguing between kids so needless to say I finally had time to make this skirt.  I used a wide elastic around the waist and put fleece on the inside so it was touching her skin instead of the tulle.  I have looked at several skirts in the store and noticed they were just layers of tulle but I was not comfortable with it only being layers of tulle so I use a hot pink glittery fabric that I had in my stash under the tulle and stacked the layers of tulle.  The skirt cost me at most $5 to make and I still have enough tulle and elastic to make another one.  Yay me for saving money!!  Best of all, she loves it!  I laid it on her bed so when she got home she saw it and she loved it.  She had to wear it to school today.



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