Monday Memories #7

Sorry I was MIA last week. Spring has defiantly sprung bringing all the pollen out. For me this mean sickness, like ache all over keep you in the bed for days think you have the flu sickness. I am feeling somewhat better but I still can’t breathe. It’s actually gotten bad enough that I have reconsidered the sinus surgery and that is HUGE for me. I am against unnecessary surgery. Ok, so maybe this isn’t a completely unnecessary surgery but I am also against this surgery. The doctor wants to do the less invasive surgery instead of the full surgery and everyone I know who has had this surgery has not gotten any better so what is the point. Besides who will watch Bradley while I have surgery?? Well he has started warming up to my Mom. 🙂

The last two weeks have been rather laid back. I have been trying to eat better and actually eat lunch. I got me some new fruit smoothie drinks and they are pretty good.



Bradley is learning sign language and one of the signs is when you are sleepy you lay your head down. He has been doing it when he is sleepy and when he sees a blanket. He knows a blanket means cuddle up and rest.



Through all my sickness Rhino has wanted lots of cuddles. It’s like she knows I don’t feel good and she should be sweet.


Let me know what you think!!

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