Friday Food #8

Since I was missing last week I want to share a dish that we made last week. Actually my dear husband made it when I was sick. He found a recipe online for chicken cornbread casserole. We didn’t exactly have everything it called for so instead he choose other items from our pantry. It turned out so well that we ate it two nights in a row and even Alyssa liked it. That’s HUGE because she never likes anything. Sorry I can’t share the recipe. I was sick and didn’t cook it but I do have this lovely picture to share.


This past weekend my husband smoked two butts. We like to smoke them, pull them, vacuum seal them and freeze them. Then we have something yummy to eat for lunch or whenever we need something fast. After doing that we decided to have BBQ nachos for dinner one night. We ended up eating so much of it that I am not sure if we are going to have any left to freeze. I meant to take a picture of mine after I fixed my plate but I was hungry and forgot. Oops!!


Let me know what you think!!

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