Kitchen Labeling

This project started about two years ago. I decided I wanted to decorate my kitchen and living room in red and black and ladybugs so I painted my bread box and glass jar lids and holder black and red. Actually Adam painted those for me when they were originally painted.

I wish I had a picture of them from before he painted them but at that point I was not thinking about taking pictures of stuff for blogging.

Fast forward two years and I have finally decided to finish this project. The only thing is the paint needed to be touched up. So I reprinted the black. When everything was originally painted we were thinking and used flat paint. This time I used a semi-gloss on the black. Then I used my Cricut and cut out vinyl letters for:

AP Flour
SR Flour

AP standing for all purpose and SR standing for self rising.

After I put the vinyl lettering on my lids I used mod podge on top of it and on the knob to give the red a glossy look. I didn’t put mod podge over my lettering on the bread box. To give the knob on the bread box a glossy look I used mod podge on it.

It may have taken me two years to finally finish it but I was so pleased with how it finally looks.



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