Learning to Embroidery

As you know I got an embroidery machine for Christmas, I have slowly been trying to learn how to use it. I have all these cute things I want to make the kids but I’ll be honest, it’s harder than just hooping the fabric and pressing a button. Hooping the fabric can be HARD. I want to monogram t-shirts for the girls. That sounds simple enough, NO! Knit fabric does not stay put very well. Anyway, today I spent some time practicing because I bought some bags I want to monogram for summer. I was pleased with the girls the first time I did it. Yay!!



The boys, not so much! First I tried these. My machine messed up several times and it shows. Noah didn’t really care for this one with his name since the big “N” is not capital but this font does the big “N” like that. OCD little boy!!

But the big letter is wider than what I want so I won’t be using this one for Bradley either.


Next I tried this font. Noah likes it and wants it but I do not like it. My machine messed up when I was doing Noah but not when I was doing Bradley so I know this is not the one.



Finding a cute boyish font that I like is hard. Hopefully I’ll have better luck when I go back to looking for a font. What font do you use for boy stuff??

2 thoughts on “Learning to Embroidery

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