Friday Food #9

I have decided to do something a little different with my Friday Food post. Instead of telling you what we ate this past week I am going to tell you what we are eating this next week so menu planning but on Friday (for now). I am debating on changing my blogging schedule.

A few days ago the children and I sat down to talk about what they want to eat next week. Generally I don’t cook on the weekends, I just need a break. So I didn’t plan tonight or Saturday night and now I am sitting here going what is for dinner tonight?? Oops!!!

This is what we came up with for next week:

Sunday – Grilled chicken and vegetables. Last weekend we put carrots, broccoli and onions in some foil on the grill with the chicken and it was soooo good. So I decided we’d have it again this week and since Adam works the grill Sunday sounded like the best day.

Monday – Waffles, bacon, hash browns and eggs. Alyssa picked this meal and I was so surprised that she picked eggs.

Tuesday – Pizza and cheese bread. Kids like it and its easy so it works.

Wednesday – Spaghetti, breadsticks and salad. We had spaghetti last week and Bradley loved it so when Noah suggested it, I agreed. But I decided to add salad.

Thursday – Veggies and cornbread. I needed one more meal and the girls were saying snacks and fruit. So when Noah started naming veggies I thought hmmm let’s add some cornbread and it sounds good to me.

I probably need a meal for Friday too but hopefully it will only be me, Adam and Bradley and we can go on a date. Hint, hint!! In case Adam is reading this. 🙂

Since its getting to be nice weather and more fruit is coming into season I have decided I am going to start making a big bowl of cut fruit on the weekends to have during the week for a snack or something extra to go with dinner. I am sure Taylor will be excited about this because when I asked her for a meal idea she said I don’t know. Then later came back and said fruit. What are some of your favorite fruits to eat during the summer months??


Let me know what you think!!

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