Six Months

It’s hard to believe its been six months since Bradley started EI. He has come a long way in six months too. When Bradley was referred to EI he could not sit and he didn’t have the strength or resistance in his lower body. He was a poor eater and didn’t sleep.

Now here we are six months later and he is eating and sleeping wonderfully. The only goal he has not obtained is he isn’t beginning to walk yet. This hasn’t been a huge concern for me because he has been pulling up and cruising for a while now. Today I realized in a month he will be 15 months old so beginning to walk is something he needs to obtain soon.

The other thing we talked about was his speech. Bradley says several one syllable words but not any two syllable words. We are going to have a speech evaluation and see where he is and what we need to do next. I do know the first thing is going to be getting rid of his paci. Bradley generally uses it to calm himself and for sleep. I am going to start taking it away from him during the day so he will hopefully only have it at nap time and bedtime. I know this will be a challenge for both of us.

I am so proud of him and his progress. But it’s kind of sad to know we will have one more OT appointment and then we will be done with OT. We will defiantly miss Adria.

One thought on “Six Months

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